Mass Effect 5: Bioware with a mysterious teaser for the role play

The fans are still waiting for specific details about the role play Mass Effect 5. While the development studio BioWare largely in silence in this regard, there is now at least one new teaser in the form of mysterious hints.

What did BioWare say?

General Manager Gary McKay recently wrote an in-depth post on the subject “State of BioWare” voiced. It was about the general situation in and around the developer studio, the various projects and other things. Among other things, he also came across role play Mass Effect 5 – or whatever the name of the next game may ultimately be – to speak. In doing so he made mysterious hints.

“If you’re curious about Mass Effect, I encourage you to check out the poster we released for N7 Day. If you look closely, there are some hidden details. If I’m counting right, there are at least five surprises, that point to a great future in the Mass Effect universe. “

What clues are hidden in the poster?

What exactly Gary McKay meant by his hints, he left open. Fans had already speculated about the Mass Effect 5 poster last November. Some believe they found a krogan in the group in front of the spaceship. In addition, the huge crater awakened the memory of a head of the geth in many fans. Furthermore, there is a lot of speculation about the lonely figure standing in front of this crater. In any case, all the secrets of the artwork have not yet been revealed.

Those: BioWare

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