Microsoft Flight Simulator: New update for download, first outlook for 2022

A new update is available for download for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Like Asobo Studio in a current one Blog entry announces, start the new year with the patch – both on PC and Xbox Series X / S. In the forum for flight simulation, the developers in turn share the patch notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. The main focus is therefore on bug fixes and optimizations. The changelog shows that the developers have fixed individual causes of the crash.

Bug fixes and optimizations

In the weather area in particular, they made problems with abnormal temperatures at flight level 450. Furthermore, clouds that originate from the live weather data should now be displayed as fog on the ground as intended. In addition: The update should now correctly display the shadows in rain and fog from the clouds above. In the VR area, on the other hand, the new patch fixes errors when interacting with the toolbar. There is also an update of the streets, some of which could be perceived as flashing areas depending on the distance.

Outlook for the updates for 2022

The full patch notes for the new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now € 69.99) 2020 you can find in Flight simulation forum with this link. Finally, the developers also give a current update of their roadmap for the coming months. For example, the release of World Update 7 is due for January 31st, which provides additional data for Australia – with new map data, details for metropolises and other sights. For February 22nd, the makers plan to release the Sim Update 8 with additional improvements. For March, however, the world update 8 has been announced. Concrete details are not yet available.

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