Netmarble’s ‘Seven Knights 2’ updated on the 6th (Thursday), a new legendary plus hero ‘Autonomous Magical Weapon Vault Z’ | Ruri Web

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– ‘Volt Z’ with charging, electric shock, and paralysis skills appeared

– Scenario Gaiden Chapter 1, the first… Deals with the stories of the members of the Holy Cross

– Attendance event to present various benefits such as 2022 rubies for the New Year

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 7th that it has updated the new legendary plus hero ‘Autonomous Magical Weapon Vault Z’ and the scenario side story to the mobile MMORPG (developer Netmarble Nexus).

‘Volt Z, an autonomous magic weapon’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Volt Z’) is an attacking hero with skills such as charging, electric shock, and paralysis. In addition, it grants powerful effects such as ‘unable to increase ultimate gauge’ and ‘cancel beneficial effects’ to the enemy, and when the person dies, it is expected to be active in PvP content by giving damage to the surrounding area, ignoring defense and electric shock.

Vault Z’ is set as a robot that fights with the most outstanding engineer in the Seven Knights 2 universe, ‘The Legend of Magical Engineering Nia (hereinafter, Nia)’. If you play the scenario, you can check the journey of the members of the Holy Cross to save the Asd Continent in danger.

Netmarble will hold a special attendance check event until the 20th to welcome the new year. If you log in to the game for 7 days, you will receive a ‘2022 special gift box’, ‘sealed accessory option’, and more. If you use the ‘2022 Special Gift Box’, you will receive generous rewards such as 2,022 rubies, 22 boxes for each of Fate, Immortality, and Mother Nature’s trinkets, and 22 each for pet and jewelry pieces.

In addition, Netmarble will add 3 types of costumes to experience the new look of ‘Vault Z’, and an event that provides various benefits when the hero grows to a certain level will be held until the 20th.

is an authentic sequel to Netmarble’s representative IP (intellectual property) ‘Seven Knights’, with cinematic directing that goes beyond the limits of mobile, an excellent story like watching a movie, and various characters implemented with the Unreal 4 engine. to offer Netmarble released this game to the Korean market in November 2020 and then to 172 global regions in November 2021.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]