New World is looking at a popular feature in the new patch at WoW

New World only got its last major update in mid-December. Patch 1.2 revised the endgame and crafting, among other things. Now, a few weeks later, the next big update is already on the plan – but first on the official test servers.

Just like before, a lot of work will be done on the endgame with the January patch. This time, however, the dungeons and the armor cap are in the foreground. We have summarized the most exciting changes for you.

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Endgame Guide: Finally level 60 – what now?

Mutators are supposed to spice up dungeons

The biggest adjustment is the introduction of so-called mutators in dungeons. These are special factors and effects that affect the dungeon and its opponents. This makes them heavier but also more complex.

Overall it should eight different mutation combinations that change at random as part of the two-day expedition rotation. You can then see which combination is currently active in the expedition interaction menu.

The following mutations are already known thanks to the PTR patch notes:

  • Elementary
    • Elemental mutations give the opponents in the expedition a certain elemental damage type, increase their resistance to this damage type, convert a large part of their damage into this type and give them powerful elemental-based abilities.
    • Hellfire: Hellfire penetrates enemies with fire and allows them to burn players who oppose them.
    • Eternal: Eternal permeates enemies with void, granting them abilities that weaken players or reinforce their void-infused allies.
  • Promotions
    • Promotion mutations give the creatures in the expedition powerful new abilities.
    • Savage: Savage opponents apply healing reduction and throw harmful rays around them.
    • Invincible: Invincible creatures survive damage with life-sapping abilities and can summon a phalanx that blocks any incoming player projectiles.
  • curses
    • Curse mutations have dangerous effects on players, forcing them to work together to overcome the power of the curse. Curses become powerful at the highest levels of difficulty, which brings additional tactical challenges.
    • Dried Out: Dried out players are occasionally burned with elemental energy. When the curse is activated, players must purify themselves by approaching the burning player.
    • Censored: Censored players will find their skills turned against them. After the players in the group have used a certain number of activated skills, explosive zones of silence appear for all players. When the curse is activated, players lose their natural mana regeneration and must enter the Silent Zones to regenerate their mana.

If you want to start a dungeon with mutators, you need a special orb that you can create once a week. Alternatively, the Orb should also be buyable for brands or money, such as spotted on Reddit would.

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10 new levels of difficulty

In addition to the mutations, there should also be ten new levels of difficulty that make dungeon life even more difficult if necessary. Of course you cannot start directly with the hardest level, you have to unlock it.

You do this via a point system. The more and the faster you knock down opponents, the better your score. If you, a team member or the whole group bless the time, points will be deducted. Depending on how well you are doing, you may even end up with a few bonus multipliers for eliminating all goals or low death rates in your team.

Dungeon conditions and increasing levels of difficulty? This whole system may be familiar to old MMO hands, but its idea and structure are very reminiscent of that mythical-plus-System from World of Warcraft. Instead of mutations, there are so-called affixes in the Blizzard competitor and instead of collecting points you have to level up keystones there.

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Which MMO is perfect for me?

New equipment level and other changes

Of course, you will also be rewarded princely for your work in the dungeons. After successfully completing a mutated dungeon, you will receive shadow splitters with which you can upgrade your armor from level 600 to level 625.

If you don’t feel like running hectic dungeons, you can get the shadow splitter in two other ways:

  • Create an item with armor value if your experience for this item is also 600.
  • Open a plaster cast if your experience on this item is also 600.

However, you can only use Shadow Shards if your competence for the item is 600 in addition to the armor part.

In addition to the changes to the dungeon system and the armor upgrade, a lot of other changes are being tested on the PTR. For example, the fast travel costs are reduced or balancing changes and some bug fixes are made. You can read what changes on the PTR in the official announcement for the January update.

As already described above, all changes so far are on the test server and can be subject to further changes. At this point in time, it has not yet been determined when the update will be released on the live server.