Niantic Announces Pokémon GO Safari Zone Liverpool Economic Impact Study! (Niantic) announced on the 7th that it has published the results of the study on the economic impact on the city along with the results of the Pokémon GO Safari Zone Liverpool event held last year in Liverpool, UK.

The results of this study estimated the economic and tourism effects of Niantic’s hosting of the Safari Zone Liverpool event in cooperation with Statista, a global polling company.

The Safari Zone Liverpool event was held at Sefton Park in Liverpool, England for three days from October 15 to 17 last year, and it was well received by ticket holders as they could participate virtually anywhere in the world.

Of these, 20,000 trainers participated in the Sefton Park site and in Liverpool, and about 40,000 users, including online trainers from all over the world, enjoyed the festival.

In addition, the trainer who played in Sefton Park walked an average of 10.92 km and 9.33 km in Liverpool, and it was counted that trainers with event tickets caught a total of 40,000 Pokemon.

The overall economic impact of the event was estimated at £11.9 million (worth approximately KRW 19.3 billion), including direct, indirect and induced expenses, including lodging, food and beverages, used by participants in Liverpool.

As a result of the survey, among users of all ages, the 25-34 age group participated the most in the event, and 89% of trainers from outside Liverpool participated in the event despite the impact of COVID-19.

In addition, during the event, visitors spent an average of £180 (worth 290,000 won) on accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and shopping, and it was found that 214 jobs were created as economic activity increased.

As a result, the event was expected to have an economic impact of around £11.9 million (worth approximately KRW 19.3 billion) in Liverpool, and an increase in tax revenue of approximately £3.9 million (worth approximately KRW 6.3 billion).

In addition, it was analyzed that 49% of the participants expressed a desire to revisit Liverpool within the next 12 months, indicating that they received benefits as a tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Niantic is using technology to create adventures with other people in the real world, through games based on three core principles: ‘Explore’, ‘Exercise’ and ‘Social’.

You can learn more about Niantic on the official blog.

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