o2 sells large Samsung televisions with a mobile phone contract at a bargain price

If you need a new mobile phone contract but don’t need a new cell phone, you can also take advantage of other rewards. o2 currently has some offers for this at the start. For example, you can get a current 60-inch TV from Samsung with 4K resolution at a very good price. GIGA explains the deal.

o2: Samsung 4K TV for mobile phone contract

For many, the idea of ​​celebrating the winter evenings in front of a new 4K TV is certainly not the worst. That is why o2 decided to combine its bestselling mobile phone tariff Free M with a Samsung television as a bonus – ideal for people who already have a mobile phone and would like to keep it. By the way: Until January 10th, you can secure a 100 euro change bonus when you take your number with you.

As an addition to the CO2 contract you get the Samsung GU60AU7199UXZG. It is a LED TV with 60 inch screen size and a refresh rate of 50/60 Hz as well as support for HDR10 + and HLG. The model comes from Samsung’s entry-level class, which has good image quality for the money, a tried and tested smart TV system broad app support and a variety of connections (including HDMI 3.1, USB, antenna connection, CI + slot). According to idealo, the current best online price for individual purchases is 899 euros.

o2 Free M: Lots of data and flat rates

The tariff offers a lot for everyone who is satisfied with the (constantly improving) CO2 network. Here are the details:

  • Network: o2
  • Tarif: Free M
  • 20 GB LTE / 5G (max. 300 Mbit / s) per month
  • EU-Roaming: inklusive
  • 24 months minimum term, 1 month notice period
  • Until January 10th, 22: 100 euro change bonus for number portability

The calculation: why the tariff is worthwhile

An overview of the costs of the tariff bundle
Basic charge (monthly) 39,99 Euro
Co-payment (once, at the beginning of the contract) 1 Euro
Connection fee (once, at the beginning of the contract) 39,99 Euro
Shipping (one time) 39,90 Euro
Total costs after 24 months
(in the event of termination at the end of the minimum contract period,
monthly and one-time costs added)
1040,65 Euro
Device value (Best online price according to idealo.de) -899 Euro
Effective cost tariff (Total costs minus device value) 141,65 Euro
Actual cost tariff per month 5,90 Euro
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With the o2 offer, it is possible to set the minimum contract period to 36 or 48 months, the monthly costs are reduced somewhat. Nevertheless, we recommend limiting the contract to 24 months, because that way the total costs are the lowest.

In arithmetical terms, you pay a total of 1040.65 euros (24 × 39.99 + 40.90) over the minimum contract period of 24 months. The value of the television is currently 899 euros – if you subtract that from the total costs, you end up with 141.65 euros for the tariff only. They are converted 5.90 euros per month. In view of the services offered (Allnet / SMS flat rate, 20 GB including 5G) excellent price!

However, the calculation with the low price only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget that, the contract will not be extended for another year, but can now be canceled on a monthly basis

This is how we calculate whether a mobile phone contract is worthwhile:

Further TV offers at o2

Good to know: In addition to this Samsung model, o2 is currently offering other TV models that differ in terms of pricing:

  • Xiaomi 55 Zoll Smart-TV + 2× Smart Speaker: With 20 GB LTE / 5G (max. 300 Mbit / s) and Allnet / SMS Flat in o2-Network for 31.99 euros per month + one-time 42.90 euros = 810,66 Euro Total costs after 24 months.
  • LG A1 55 Zoll OLED TV: With 20 GB LTE / 5G (max. 300 Mbit / s) and Allnet / SMS Flat in o2-Network for 49.99 euros per month + one-time 40.90 euros = 1.240,66 Euro Total costs after 24 months.