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– Rainbow Six series with a new PvE co-op… Scheduled for release on January 20th

– Package release on PC, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5 platforms, and various reservation privileges

– Exclusive pre-sale at Auction from January 10th to January 19th

Ubisoft Entertainment (Korea Representative Hong Soo-jung), a global game development, distribution and publishing company, collaborated with Intragames (CEO Bae Sang-chan) on the 7th to launch a new tactical multiplayer shooter ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction’. announced that they will start pre-ordering the package of

The ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ package will be released on January 20th for PC, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5 platforms. Pre-sale runs from January 10th to January 19th, and can be purchased through the auction.

The PC version package will be released under the name of ‘Rainbow Six Extraction Korea Edition’. This is a limited edition package prepared by Ubisoft Entertainment and Intragames to provide more abundant benefits to Korean gamers, and will only be released in Korea.

It consists of a ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ deluxe edition code (PC version), a ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ standard edition code (PC version), and one ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ Chibi figure. As a reservation privilege, a special steel book and a special cloth patch are provided.

The PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 version package includes the ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ Standard Edition Disc, and the Obscura Pack Code, which includes the Blacklist Talisman, Cepha Black Weapon Skin, Blue Scramble Weapon Skin, and Text Mystery Talisman. As a reservation privilege, additional content is provided in the ‘Destroyed Phantom Thief’ bundle.

Meanwhile, ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ will be officially released on January 20th. The game provides an immersive gaming experience through a new type of PvE co-op. The gamer will perform various operations while dealing with the threat of a mysterious extraterrestrial life called ‘Archion’ in a containment area where an unknown alien virus infection has occurred.

In ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’, gamers can directly nurture a total of 18 operators and strengthen them in various ways. You can also level up to unlock new containment areas, operators, cosmetic items, special skills, and new stories.

For more information on pre-ordering the ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ package, visit the official website or the Intragames website.

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‘Rainbow Six Extraction Korea Edition’ package reservation privilege

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‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ console version package reservation privilege

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