Red Dead Online Reveals Bonus Details including Double RDO Dollars & XP

rockstar games RED DEAD An online New Year’s event that provides additional rewards for various missions has been announced..


First, in the Land of Opportunity mission, 4Helping Jessica LeClerk for a week to get revenge for her husband doubles RDO dollar and XP and gold can be obtained.


Also, if you complete the finale ‘Gone with Sorrow’, you can either find it on the Butcher’s Table or Collector’s Bag., moonshine hut, sample tool, Get your bounty hunter license in gold bars 5Get the benefit of purchasing at a discounted price.


2month 1Triple ability cards in battle preparations by day XPprovides, Double the amount in the gang hideout RDO dollar and XPand increases the probability of finding a capitale..


Doubled on all specials series for one month RDO dollar and XPto pay, Each week, you can enjoy a different special series and get additional rewards, which is expected to stimulate the desire for a different challenge..



Additional benefits will be provided for each topic this month., 6-10work team shootout series(hardcore) 11-17day shootout series(hardcore) 18-24work control series(hardcore) 25-31One-Thing Rush Teamfight(hardcore)will be held on the subject of.


coming accordingly 10If you play with the regular gang until the day 2cloth XPget, Revolver upon victory in a Featured Series 30% discount benefits, Free ability cards for completing Common Bounty and Legendary Bounty or Notorious Bounty missions.


Wheeler, Lawson & Co.coming from 2month 1Until Sunday, limited-time costumes reappear, Irwin coats, salt shoes, cossack hat, fur leather gloves, stitched stockings, tie pants, Feather-embellished kite hats are available for purchase..


In the new year, the cost of changing your appearance during the first month of the new year 50% is discounted, Nokota Horse and Mustang Horse, up hats and more 30% sold at a discount.



Also Lancaster Repeater, double action revolver, The rank restrictions on the semi-auto shotgun have been lifted and can be purchased from local gunsmiths and product booklets., 4Free weekly food and items.


As well as 2month 1All regular gang establishment costs will be waived until, Gives ‘Oh Yes’ emote to all regular gang leaders who log in within the same period.


RED DEAD More information about online can be found on the website..


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