Smilegate, ‘Epic Seven’ Episode 4’s 3rd Chapter, ‘West Steppe’ and High-definition Media Pack Update on the 6th (Thursday) | Ruri Web

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– New chapters with new stories from Episode 4 and 5 new 3-star heroes updated

– Epic Seven’s strength, artwork, is emphasized through the update of the ‘High-definition Media Pack’ that allows you to clearly enjoy various videos, including in-game cutscenes.

The global hit mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’, serviced by Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) and developed by Super Creative (Co-CEOs Hyung-seok Kim and Ki-hyun Kang), has updated the new chapter ‘West of the Steppe’, where the new story of Episode 4 is progressing. It was announced on the 7th (Friday) that it added a high-definition media pack that allows you to enjoy various videos, including in-game cutscenes, more clearly.

The new chapter ‘West Steppe’ is a vast grassland located in the center of ‘Natalon’, the main stage of Episode 4, where several ‘beasts’ who live a nomadic life live. Currently, the hero ‘Arunka’ unites the beasts and faces the border countries ‘Kaan Empire’ and ‘Theranard’. In this chapter, the story unfolds in which Lars and his party, who arrived on the prairie in search of the ‘Autumn Sword’, struggle amidst the borders of the beasts.

With the new chapter update, various new heroes have been added. A total of 5 three-star heroes, ‘Yunryung’, ‘Mwi’, ‘Hasol’, ‘Orte’, and ‘Januta’ will appear. done.

Meanwhile, the ‘High Definition Media Pack’, which allows you to enjoy Epic Seven’s outstanding artwork in higher quality, has also been updated. Users who have downloaded the media pack can enjoy various videos including in-game cutscenes in FHD (1080P) high-definition. In particular, Epic Seven uses its self-developed ‘Yuna Engine’ to create a pleasant game play environment that uses high-resolution images and hardly loads, and is receiving favorable reviews from users.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]