Some Age, PC Open World Shooting Game ‘Crows’ World View Video Released | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– The background world view of the core new content ‘Squad Operation’ is revealed

– Plan to release developer notes prior to the 3rd global beta test and actively reflect user feedback

Some Age Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 208640, CEO Park Hong-seo) announced on the 7th that it had released a worldview video and updated the developer notes prior to the 3rd global beta test of the PC open world shooting game ‘CROWZ’.

This worldview video is drawing attention as it contains the story of the trigger of the newly released core content ‘Squad Operation’.

In the developer’s note released along with the worldview video, the company plans to introduce the core content ‘Squad Operation’ in the 3rd global beta test, and it is planned to actively reflect the feedback from users.

The new mode ‘Squad Operation’, which could not be experienced in the previous test, is a method of escaping by forming a team (squad) of 4 people to collect the mineral resource ‘Q ON’. Collecting and escaping Q-Ons requires a highly strategic play worthy of the name of ‘squad operation (squad strategy)’.

In addition, in the 3rd global beta test, we plan to lower the game start conditions to improve the time spent on matching and lower the level limits for all equipment and parts so that you can experience a variety of weapons.

For more information about ‘Crows’, please visit the Crows Steam page.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]