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ST Computer, the official distributor of ASUS motherboards in Korea (CEO: Hee-Moon Seo, hereafter referred to as STCOM), announced that it has launched the ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-E D4 STCOM motherboard, a tough gaming motherboard for Intel 12th generation, in Korea.

The TUF GAMING series is highly recommended for gamers who enjoy gaming for a long time, and it can be said that it is a series that provides the best stability, extreme durability, and the best gaming environment.

The new ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-E D4 STCOM motherboard supports Intel 12th generation CPU with LGA 1700 socket standard, and provides stable power to the CPU through TUF-style military-grade chokes and capacitors, and 10 phases of Digi + VRM. The design of the power part shows extreme durability and the best performance.

Because the PCB consists of 6 layers, it effectively removes heat and guarantees stable performance, so it can be said that it is a product designed so that users can experience higher performance.

The large VRM heatsink designed for effective cooling and the chipset and M.2 slot ensure stable performance by default with a heatsink design, and support 4 PWM fan headers, which is effective in configuring an improved cooling system.

As for the memory, it supports DDR4 memory that can be used up to 128GB with a total of 4 slots, and OptiMem II technology, which is ASUS unique memory OC technology for more powerful memory OC support, is applied to provide strong OC performance of 5,000MHz + or more.

The graphics card slot and M.2 slot support PCIe 4.0 to provide a high-performance graphics environment and high-speed transfer speed, and to provide more realistic sound through ASUS Ai Noise-Canceling function and DTS custom sound to focus more on game play. .

For detailed information about the newly launched ASUS TUF GAMING B660M-E D4 STCOM motherboard, please visit the STCOM website (, or by visiting the Naver Cafe operated by STCOM.

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Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]