Star Trek Picard: Corona Outbreak! Filming is on hold

While the starting shot for Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard is not long in coming, the shooting for Season 3 is already in progress. Both seasons were tackled one after the other. However, it was happening now an abrupt forced break in production.

Why is filming on Star Trek: Picard paused?

According to a recent report in Deadline magazine, there was on the film set of Star Trek: Picard a major corona outbreak. Overall are almost 50 people have tested positive for Covid, this affects some of the actors as well as members of the film crew. According to initial information, Picard actor Sir Patrick Stewart is not one of them.

Because of this outbreak, the production team was forced to temporarily stop filming on Monday of this week. The break not only serves the safety of everyone involved, but should also be used to organize the further filming. According to the report, it will continue in a limited form as early as today, Friday (January 7, 2022).

When are season 2 and season 3 of Star Trek: Picard coming?

While filming for the third season of the series has not yet been completed, the start of the series is still a long way off. Season 2 should already be running on the streaming service Amazon Prime in February 2022. Both the comeback of the great adversary “Q” and the return of the actor Brent Spiner are planned for the new episodes. The latter, however, will not slip into the role of Data.

Those: Deadline

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