[Tech] Why is this real? A mouse with SSD is coming.

ADATA’s gaming brand XPG, a global storage device company, announced that it is developing a product with a unique concept. "Your gaming library, in the palm of your hand"The slogan ‘ADATA XPG VAULT Gaming Mouse’ is the main character. This mouse is a gaming mouse with a 1TB SSD. It is a wired gaming mouse that supports USB Type-C, and according to official data, it said that it supports a speed of 985 MB/s based on the current prototype. ADATA announced that it is also developing dedicated software for faster transmission speed. If the product is released, gamers will be able to play their favorite games anytime, anywhere and even bring up their personal profiles. Not only that, but it seems that it will be useful for office workers who often go to work or have business meetings. It’s a unique attempt, but it hasn’t revealed a specific release date or price yet.