The Legend of Mir 2: MOM unveils the first major update ‘Season 1’

Global publishing game company icebird games(IceBird Games)’is a mobile company developed and serviced by RPG ‘the legend of mir2: Memories of Mir(Here is the legend of Mir2: MOM)’first major update of merging season 1burntpast 1month 6It was announced today that it was applied to the Japanese server..

past 1month 6day dawn 00:30After the server maintenance, the officially updated Hapjeongyeonyeon content is the legend of Mir prepared by the developer.2: MOMas the first major update of, With the release of new content for game users, 200In order to clear up the congested situation of each server that has been expanded to the next generation, we are focusing on user activation through server consolidation..

merging season 1Looking at the contents of the burnt content, first, After receiving an Arcane-level mission, you must attack bossmount skin fragments from dragon god stone Adjusted to drop rare materials such as. At the same time, the curse level boss, like the arcane mission, piece of flesh’, ‘special ring piece A positive response is expected as it becomes possible to acquire material items of high value, such as.

For new settings to give a sense of purpose to users who have grown to the highest level slaughter equipmentwas also revealed. In order to obtain slaughter equipment, you must treasure huntIf you proceed slaughter kidneycan get, up to each event 1,000given the opportunity to use the meeting roulette secretcan be used to obtain a living totem.

Killing Totems and Killing Kidneys obtained in this way, You can exchange slaughtering equipment with flesh fragments., For users who have collected all the relevant killing height equipment sets, the best firepower is supported at this stage. skill of deathis activated.

In addition, a new strengthening element pattern systemwas also introduced. live 5This pattern system, which is granted with unique privileges to users who have achieved the level, is configured so that if a unique pattern is applied to a character, the overall status can be improved by one level..

but, In order to obtain the material of the pattern system, this season 1You have to attack the newly introduced pattern dungeon in Tan., Move to a random floor according to the number of dice rolls, or, 10Each floor is designed to be given a task for the treasure chest, so it is expected to boast a difficult attack difficulty..

The biggest difficulty in digging up various difficulties and attacking the dungeon pattern bossIf you defeat them, you can get a pattern system composite material., If you collect a certain amount of these, you can combine them into one pattern.. By the way, you can purchase patterned synthetic materials at the point shop and limited shop..

Icebird Games official Thanks to a lot of interest and support from users, the Google Play Store sales rankings are consistently at the top.. This year’s fusion season 1Tan expressed his gratitude for such support., New to users who have nurtured to the highest level Things to doworked hard to deliverto introduce The merger is a season 1It will be continued as a continuous series after the bulletin.. In addition to the merger, we are planning to faithfully present updates and events in the future to keep users interested, so please pay a lot of attention..”said.

Meanwhile, This year’s fusion season 1For more information on bullet updates and events the legend of mir2: MOM official cafe(’can be checked through.

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