This actor wanted to be the next James Bond

Hollywood needs after Daniel Craig a new James Bond. So how about none other than Spider-Man very personal?

Britain’s next 007

Tom Holland, currently especially in his role as Peter Parker known in the Spider-Man movies, Sony launched one a while back James-Bond-Origin-Story proposed with him in the role of a boy 007. This was stated in an interview with the magazine Total Film announced. This suggestion was made by Sony though declined.

It is not known why exactly Sony decided against a James Bond Origin story. After all, they didn’t take Holland’s suggestion, for example, and give the role of 007 to another actor, they didn’t even start the project.

But in fact, Holland’s proposal could indirectly have helped its current role outside of the Marvel Universe.

The youthful Nathan Drake

Apparently, Holland’s pitch may have served as inspiration for the Uncharted-Film, which will be released in American cinemas in February. In this one, Tom Holland does not play a young 007, but a young Nathan Drake. In addition, it might not be the last time we see Tom Holland in connection with James Bond. It is still not certain who will play the role of James Bond in the cinemas next.

Those: Total Film

Uncharted: The movie scene shows the famous airplane fight from the game

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