Apple creates the unbelievable: What no company has done before

“World premiere” on the stock exchange: Apple is the first company in the world to be valued at a market capitalization of 3 trillion US dollars. There has never been anything like it, no company has achieved such success.

Insane: Apple is worth $ 3 trillion

Apple isn’t just the world’s most valuable iPhone maker First publicly traded company to break the $ 3 trillion mark. This happened meanwhile during January 3, 2022, when the stock hit a value of $ 182.86. It then fell back a little, so that market capitalization ended up hovering at $ 2.986 trillion at close of trading. However, the upward trend for Apple is likely to continue and the mark will soon be broken again.

Apple is continuing an unparalleled success in reaching this new milestone. As a reminder: in August 2020, the company became the first US company to break the $ 2 trillion mark, two years earlier the legendary $ 1 trillion mark. In short: In just over three years, Apple was able to triple its company value without further ado.

For 2022, the industry expects the presentation of a mixed reality headset from Apple, and competitor Microsoft tried its luck years ago:

Apple’s growth continues

The stock market naturally celebrates Apple for this event, says Dan Ives of Wedbush:

“Hitting the $ 3 trillion mark is another historic moment for Apple as the company continues to prove that those who doubt the growth story that is taking place in Cupertino are wrong (source: MacRumors).“

Incidentally, Ives is calculating in the near future with a value of $ 200 for Apple stock. Ergo: There is still a lot of growth in there. With this in mind, Apple will also introduce a large number of new products in 2022. Not only new iPhones and Macs are hotly anticipated, the first AR / VR headset could spark the beginning of a whole new era and in a few years even make the iPhone obsolete.