Damper for VW: E-car buyers have to do without ID versions

If you want to get an ID.4, you have to dig deeper into your pocket or accept waiting time.

Anyone who wants to buy an e-car from Volkswagen has to be patient – or dig deeper into their pockets. After the ID.3 in summer, the basic version of the larger ID.4 can no longer be ordered. Nothing has changed at the bottom.

Chip shortage hits ID.4: E-car buyers have to pay extra

The old song about the chip crisis just doesn’t go away. VW customers are also currently noticing this. If you want to get an ID.4, the choice is limited. There are actually five versions only two variants still available.

As in the summer of last year with the smaller ID.3, the basic version Pure is no longer available in the cheapest configuration for VW’s E-SUV (source: Insideevs). If you still want to order the pure version, you currently have to choose the more powerfully motorized performance version with a 125 kW drive. In order to the starting price for the ID.4 actually rises by 1,500 euros.

VW itself points out the reasons in the configurator. Potential buyers receive a message right at the beginning: “Due to current supply bottlenecks for semiconductors, which are part of numerous components of our vehicles, it can happen with some of our model variants to significantly longer production times In the case of the ID.4, the longer production times currently mean that an order is not possible. The Pro Performance version is also currently missing for the ID.5 – seen in the video.

Another two versions of the ID.4 are currently not available. The Pro Performance (150 kW) and the GTX version cannot be ordered. VW customers can currently just decide between Pure or Pro, in the first and cheaper case there is only the expensive variant. But if you want more performance, you can only buy the slightest increase in performance.

Middle not asked at VW: Does the electric car manufacturer draw consequences?

The example of VW provides an exciting insight into the heart of e-car buyers: Apparently, it is either an electric vehicle that is as inexpensive as possible or one that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance and comfort. The The middle price segment for the ID.4 is currently less popular at VW. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will draw any conclusions from this.


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