Free current account: Bank now pays up to 100 euros

Real money for opening a current account, even more if you refer a customer, and compatible with Apple Pay, the well-known iPhone payment service? Such offers have become very rare these days, but we actually still found something.

Update from January 8th 2022: Also in the new year the Norisbank another premiumwhen you open a current account at the bank without further ado. At the moment there is “only” 50 Eurowhich is less than in the previous year, but in view of the escalating situation with negative interest rates and the like at the banks, it is still more than decent. You can also Earning an additional 50 euros through a recommendation makes a maximum of 100 euros in total. How do you do it?

Open a current account at Norisbank and secure your premium

Until March 31, 2021 the “top current account” must be opened at Norisbank. You then use the bank’s online account switching service and move with at least 5 payment partners. With this, the bank wants to make sure that the account is actually being used actively. Then there’s the money. Speaking of which: the current account remains free if more than 500 euros are received on the account per month and there is a maximum of 50,000 euros on it.

By the way: For Apple Pay the Norisbank current account is of course qualified. What is still needed is either the Norisbank debit or credit card. The latter is free in the first year, after which it costs 24 euros a year.

Original article:

Since the end of 2019, Norisbank has also been one of Apple’s partners in the iPhone payment service Apple Pay. So the bank took almost a year to support it – good things take time. Speaking of which, after all, it is joined by a multi-award-winning financial service provider, for example Bankentest Euro (5/2020) attested – the best current account. And Norisbank was also voted the best direct bank by BankingCheck (6/2019) and Focus Money (42/2019). But that’s not all, it was enough to become the safest online bank (Focus Money 30/2019) and the top app for online banking (Focus Money 14/2020) – yay!

Attention: 100 euros for free

And now? Norisbank is also giving away 100 euros. Anyone who wants this bonus actually had to switch to the bank’s free current account by June 30, 2020. But now the campaign has been extended until September 30, 2020 – what luck. Important to know: The account must be used actively. The conditions state that you have to move for the bonus with the online account switching service and at least 5 payment partners. In other words, regular account movements should then be made by these same payment partners – for example mobile phone providers, electricity suppliers, employers, insurance companies, etc. The corresponding information to the payment partners is provided via the bank’s online account switching service.

Incidentally, you have until November 30th, 2020 to transmit the payment partner. The bonus will then be credited by December 31, 2020. In a nutshell, the “timetable” for the 100 euros summarized:

100 Euro bonus: Free current account at the Norisbank

And this is how the credit card comes to Apple Pay:

What’s more: Free debit and credit cards

Good to know: In addition to the free Norisbank current account, there is also a free Maestro card debit card and a credit card from Mastercard. Both cards then work together with Apple Pay, so they can be added to Apple Wallet and used from then on. If it has to be cash, it can be paid out free of charge at over 31,000 locations in Germany. Payments can be made free of charge using Deutsche Bank ATMs.