Get NFL Gamepass cheaper via VPN to Brazil: Here’s how

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The playoffs of the 2021/22 season of the American football professional league NFL are just around the corner. So it’s good that the NFL Gamepass, which fans can use to watch the games, is currently reduced. However, you need a VPN to Brazil for this. You can find out how this works and details of the offer at GIGA.

Get NFL Gamepass cheaper via VPN to Brazil

An exciting time will soon begin for fans of the NFL, because this year’s playoffs will take place from January 15, 2022, at the end of which the Super Bowl will take place. The NFL Gamepass is an excellent way to watch all the games. You can currently get this much cheaper in the Pro annual subscription at only 14.80 euros instead of 39.99 euros. However, you need a Brazilian IP address for this, which you can easily get from a VPN provider.

In our overview article of the best VPN offers you will find a list of the currently most recommendable and cheapest VPN services. As soon as you have decided on a provider, you have to select Brazil as the country within the associated VPN client so that you receive a Brazilian IP address. This works a little differently for each provider in detail, but is done intuitively and quickly.

Then go to the NFL Gamepass page and purchase the Pro subscription. You can pay for this either by PayPal or credit card. Now you can watch all NFL games on your PC or on mobile devices.

Of course, with a subscription to a VPN provider, you can also enjoy all the other advantages of a VPN service, such as greater anonymity or the option of accessing content that is blocked in Germany. You can also read about the advantages of a VPN service in detail in our VPN overview article.

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