Range record in the Tesla: battery start-up shows car manufacturers where to go

It’s not a new range record for Tesla, but at least it was achieved with a Tesla: A Model S from the American manufacturer covered over 1,200 km on one battery charge. A battery start-up succeeded in doing this.

Huge success for battery start-up: Tesla covers over 1,200 km

Whether or not it is good news from Tesla’s point of view must remain open. For the American startup Our Next Energy Inc. (ONE), on the other hand, there is definitely reason to be happy: The still young battery manufacturer claims to have succeeded in charging its prototype battery with a single charge Driving Tesla Model S over 1,210 km.

The Model S was chosen because it offers a lot of space for the battery (source: ONE), and have the internal measurements measured in parallel by an independent vehicle. Instead of the standard Tesla battery, they used their own prototype. the should be ready for the market in 2023 and appear under the name GeminiTM with a capacity of almost 204 kWh.

“We want to accelerate the adoption of e-cars by offering the Eliminate fear of rangethat is still holding back most buyers today, ”explains Mujeeb Ijaz, CEO and founder of ONE, who previously worked for Ford and Apple, among others.

E-car drivers don’t need to get used to it

The e-car battery from ONE should not only bring range advantages, but also ensure that e-car drivers do not have to get used to, as would be the case with frequent or long recharging. Because of the high capacity and efficiency you want Making e-cars less dependent on weather conditions and, for example, prevent larger loads such as trailers from melting the range.

You should dispel these misconceptions about e-cars:

Still, that Race for the highest range seems to be reopened: Mercedes has just presented its e-car concept Vision EQXX, with which the limit of 1,000 km range per battery charge should fall. Toyota, on the other hand, is withdrawing from the race, although a strong electrification offensive has now also begun.

Mercedes will shortly provide proof that more than 1,000 km possible under real conditions are. The Model S with the ONE battery managed the 1,210 km at an average speed of around 89 km / h. The exact conditions of the test drive are not known.