Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: The wrong smartphone at the wrong time

Now it is here: the Galaxy S21 FE. The smartphone world had to wait a long time for this. It is unlikely, however, that Samsung’s new “Fan Edition” will be able to build on the success of its predecessor – and that’s not just due to the price. A comment by Kaan Gürayer.

With the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung created the surprise hit of 2020. Around 1.5 years later, the South Koreans have now presented the successor. The Galaxy S21 FE goes on sale for 749 euros. Anything but a bargain, but still 100 euros cheaper than the standard model. Nevertheless, for 3 reasons I don’t believe that the Galaxy S21 FE can follow in the success of its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is too late

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Image: Samsung.

The smartphone world is fast-paced and the signs today are completely different than when the Galaxy S20 FE was introduced. The Galaxy S22 will be released in a month. Experience has shown that the prices for the predecessor will then drop massively and many buyers will be faced with the question: Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 FE?

Samsung is not responsible for the delay. Like many others, the electronics company is a victim of the global chip crisis. But that will only be of little consolation if the sales figures for the S21 FE do not meet the supposedly high expectations.

Samsung is cutting the features down

Another reason that makes me doubt the success of the Galaxy S21 FE: the equipment. Because with that microSD slot and power plug are missing The “Fan Edition” has two features that, in my opinion, were essential for the popularity of the predecessor. At a time when Samsung is emulating more and more Apple and cutting down everything that once made differences, the Galaxy S20 FE was like a breath of fresh air. It was the all-round carefree smartphone that Samsung was previously known for.

Our first impression of the Galaxy S21 FE:

Competition doesn’t have to hide

Of course, the most important thing is the price. The Galaxy S21 FE not only has to face domestic competition, but also competition from other manufacturers. A Pixel 6 or Xiaomi Mi 11 do not have to hide from the Samsung smartphone and are even much cheaper to have.

Delayed market launch, reduced equipment and a competition that never sleeps: Samsung is likely to have a hard time with its “Fan Edition” this year – especially at a price that, according to experts, will only drop noticeably after about 6 months.