Coffee machine test 2022: test winner, bestseller and recommendations

The good old filter coffee machine! Proven over decades, comparatively low-maintenance and, above all, easy to use – it simply belongs in every household. GIGA shows you the test winners and recommendations among classic coffee machines.

The best coffee machines 2022: All recommendations at a glance

placement product Street price offer
Price tip / bestseller Melitta Easy that. 25 Euro at Amazon
Test winner with glass jug Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus that. 40 Euro at MediaMarkt
Test winner with thermos Melitta Look Therm Perfection that. 85 Euro at MediaMarkt
Luxury coffee maker Moccamaster KBG Select that. 200 Euro at Amazon

Price tip / bestseller: Melitta Easy

Melitta Easy coffee machine


  • Does exactly what she’s supposed to (makes coffee that you can drink too)
  • Unbeatable value for money


  • Manageable equipment, corresponding to the price range

Cheaper than a pack of deli coffee: The Melitta Easy is available in stores for less than 25 euros – a real price hit. The equipment is limited to the essentials. The drip stop prevents dripping after removing the glass jug, after 40 minutes the machine switches off automatically, the filter holder and the jug are dishwasher-safe.

Melitta Easy (Image: Manufacturer)

The Melitta Easy is a bestseller on Amazon, with an average 4.5 out of 5 Stars is extremely well received by customers. Before you buy, however, you should make it clear again that it is a budget model of the “entry-level class”: “The haptics and optics of the machine look cheap, but are to be expected for the price and are therefore okay,” summarized one of them Buyers together.

Test winner coffee machine with glass jug: Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus

Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus coffee machine with glass jug

Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus coffee machine with glass jug


  • Makes good coffee
  • Attractive price


  • 1 replacement glass jug costs half as much as the whole machine with jug

In the 08/2018 edition, Stiftung Warentest tested 15 filter coffee machines, 7 of them with a glass jug. The best glass jug coffee maker is that Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus, which can be found in stores for around 40 euros. The final grade is “good” (2.1), the “sensory assessment” (taste, smell) came to a sub-grade of 2.0 (with 35 percent highest weighting in the test procedure). The power consumption is comparatively low and received the rating “very good” from Stiftung Warentest. No abnormalities were found – this machine is just cheap and makes decent coffee.

Krups KM321 Proaroma Plus coffee machine (Image: manufacturer)

The average customer rating on Amazon is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Individual users criticize the jug because it spills when the coffee is poured out. By the way, you should be particularly careful with the jug, because a suitable replacement glass jug (“XB9006”) costs around 18 euros.

Test winner coffee machine with thermos: Melitta Look V Therm Perfection

Melitta Look V Perfection coffee machine with thermos

Melitta Look V Perfection coffee machine with thermos


  • Good equipment (stainless steel jug, timer for keeping warm function, descaling reminder, removable water tank)
  • Regulator for aroma (mild or strong)


In the “Kitchen & Household” magazine (03/2020 issue, available from Readly) the Melitta Look Therm Perfection as the test winner with a grade of 1.3. The coffee machine scores with a stainless steel thermos (unbreakable) and a removable water tank.

Melitta Look Therm Perfection coffee machine (Image: manufacturer)

The machine switches itself off after 40 minutes (“Auto-Off”) – however, the Melitta Look Therm Perfection does not have a timer for pre-planned coffee preparation. Practical: After a while of daily use, an LED indicates when the descaling program should be carried out.

Luxury coffee machine: Moccamaster KBG Select

Moccamaster KBG Select, 1,25 Liter

Moccamaster KBG Select, 1,25 Liter


  • Some experts consider it the best coffee machine in the world
  • Exemplary product design, available in numerous colors


  • Quite expensive for a filter coffee machine

The comes from the Netherlands Moccamaster from Technivorm – a noble coffee machine with cult status which, according to some fans, produces the best filter coffee in the world. Well, one should of course take note of such assessments with a certain amount of skepticism. The Moccamaster can look back on a history that goes back to 1968 – so there was enough time for legends to be built.

Moccamaster KBG 741 (Image: Manufacturer)

The hard facts speak for the iconic device: Numerous tests and reports attest the Moccamaster KBG 741 very good performances (among others CNET, The Perfect Grind, New York Times). Apart from that, the design deserves a second and third look: The design is industrial, functional and timeless. Such a coffee machine goes well with other kitchen classics such as the Kitchen Aid Artisan or the Smeg 2-slice toaster. What they all have in common, however, is that they are expensive.

Reading tip

Marco Kratzenberg

The best coffee machines: this is how we selected the recommendations

This overview presents current and popular filter coffee machines without grinder, which have received special praise from the press and customers and are therefore recommended for purchase. The test procedure of the Stiftung Warentest is on the corresponding website explained in detail. Sources used include: Stiftung Warentest 08/2018, “Kitchen & Household” (Edition 03/2020, available from Readly), CNET, The Perfect Grind, New York Times.

Filter coffee machine: you should know that

How a filter coffee machine works

With so many fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines, you could almost forget how easy it is to use a classic filter coffee machine. Fill the tank with water, put the filter bag in the holder, add the coffee powder and then switch on the machine. Around ten minutes later, a pot (approx. 8-10 cups) of wholesome coffee is ready. Since the built-in electronics are quite simple, maintenance is limited and there is simply less chance of breaking. Experience has shown that the most likely to break a glass jug, then you have to get a suitable replacement jug (e.g. for the test winner from Krups).

Melitta filter bags aroma 1x4 natural brown (80 pieces)

Melitta filter bags aroma 1×4 natural brown (80 pieces)

Maintenance and cleaning

Filter coffee machines are comparatively low-maintenance – at least when you think of the much more complex fully automatic coffee machines. Nevertheless, a filter coffee machine must also be looked after and serviced. Those who are not yet familiar with this can take a look at the Operating instructions (PDF) for the Melitta Easy throw. The most important point that applies to all models is described here: “Depending on the hardness of the water, the device can build up scale over time. This also increases the device’s energy consumption, as the lime layer in the heating element prevents optimal transfer of the heating energy to the water. To avoid damage, the device must be descaled regularly. ”For descaling, you use special descaling liquids or – as with a kettle – the household remedy vinegar. Important when using chemical products: It is essential to follow the cleaning agent manufacturer’s instructions!

Descaler 750ml for fully automatic coffee machines & coffee machines

Descaler 750ml for fully automatic coffee machines & coffee machines

Fairtrade coffee: good for the producer, good for the environment

The graphic shows sales of Fairtrade products in Germany by product group in million euros (source: Statista / Transfair)

Consumed in Germany each person an average of 5.7 kilograms of coffee per year – that’s a handsome amount. For some years now, there has been a trend towards coffee beans and powder that have been fairly traded. When buying, you support small farmers in the growing countries (e.g. Brazil, Tanzania, Costa Rica) and perform loudly the TransFair initiative “A valuable contribution to the improvement of living and working conditions” and also contributes to “promoting environmental protection”. Corresponding products are marked with the label FAIRTRADE and a blue-green seal.

Vollmer coffee powder, organic + fair trade, 500g pack

Vollmer coffee powder, organic + fair trade, 500g pack

Coffee and health: don’t overdo it

Coffee contains caffeine – according to nutritionist Dr. Anna Flögel it’s between 40 and 120 milligrams per cup. It is a psychoactive substance with a stimulating effect – or in other words: a chemical substance that stimulates the body and thus keeps the coffee drinker awake longer.

Coffee cup caffeine

Coffee cup caffeine

How and, above all, how strongly caffeine works varies from person to person. One of them hardly notices an effect, the other gets a racing heart after just a few cups. Basically, coffee should be drunk in moderation and without added sugar – then the brown drink is also recommended for daily consumption. T-Online has compiled 19 positive effects on health: Among other things, a reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Around 4 cups of coffee spread over the day are considered harmless (healthy general adult population, EFSA sea), But pregnant women should not drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day.

Dispose of the coffee machine: this is how it works

More about the disposal of electrical devices in our Video:

From the perspective of the legislator, coffee machines are “small electrical appliances” and fall under this Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. Old machines must therefore not be disposed of with household waste, but must be brought to the appropriate collection points (recycling center) or to dealers.