It’s enough: The limits of networking with iPhone and Co.

Smart home, the networked home, has been the trend topic for years with manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Amazon etc. If they have their way, I can’t take two steps without my iPhone connecting and networking with some gimmick. In all honesty, it’s enough. Today I’m finally taking a break in the current edition of the weekend column.

First of all, an important clarification: I love technology. But not for their own sake. At best, technology should help and support people. Entertainment can also be counted as part of this. But it should neither be intrusive nor steal valuable time. Every year, however, the electronics manufacturers sound out these limits again and then present us with unusual gadgets from the smart home corner at trade fairs such as the most recent CES 2022.

I have reached the limit of gadget networking with iPhone and Co.

The networked refrigerator is one of the classics. In the end, it usually only appears at trade fairs and at MediaMarkt, rarely really at home with customers. Also available for years: Toothbrushes with bluetooth, Oral-B, for example, recently introduced new models.

I also bought a top model with blue tooth technology and an iPhone connection six years ago. It attracted a nice cashback amount and thus a bargain. Afterwards, however, the good piece lay around for a while and I continued to brush by hand, not electric, for convenience.

Smart home? Even a well-known furniture store from Sweden is already taking part:

At some point, however, I took heart and dared the installation, downloaded the app and started. After just a few days, I lost interest in not having to brush my teeth electrically, but having to constantly connect my iPhone to the toothbrush. In all honesty, my iPhone usually stays next to the bed in the morning and doesn’t wander into the bathroom or shower. I just want to have clean teeth, not read an immense controlling report every day about my cleaning behavior. Interest in such games vanished very quickly and the app grumbled, as it missed the everyday ritual of the Bluetooth handshake.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect the “flood of news” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

Just work, don’t wiggle stupidly

I do not care. Today I still brush with the same electric toothbrush, but “offline” because nothing is networked here with the iPhone. And so I do with a lot of things. Smart home devices can be useful, think of intelligent heating control or house lighting. Ideally, this will ultimately save energy, which is good for the environment and your own wallet. But for me toasters, kettles, refrigerators or toothbrushes don’t have to “spark around”. They just have to work and it is best to do so as simply and as long-lasting as possible.