Toyota risks everything: VW and Tesla have to wrap up warm

Interior of the Toyota bZ4X (Image source: Toyota)

Toyota is currently the largest automaker in the world. So that it stays that way and that Volkswagen or Tesla does not overtake you, far-reaching plans have been drawn up that show another change of heart for the Japanese company.

Toyota develops its own operating system for cars

Toyota recently announced a total of 30 electric cars that will hit the market by 2030. A huge change after initially being very critical of battery electric vehicles that are only equipped with a battery and without a combustion engine. According to Nikkei Asia But Toyota has a lot more to do. The Japanese company wants Develop its own operating system for cars by 2025.

Toyota has exactly the same plan that VW or Mercedes are pursuing. The automakers want that Don’t leave the market to Google or other companiesbut develop your own software and install it in your vehicles. Operation and entertainment are becoming increasingly important. Tesla has already shown it in its cars. The operating system was specially developed for e-cars, is geared towards this and can be expanded with new functions without any problems.

Arene, so der Name, should basically work like an operating system for smartphones. All vehicles with this operating system can access shared information from other vehicles with the Arene operating system and communicate with each other. Since Toyota does not only want to use the operating system for its own vehicles, such a huge network could emerge.

Toyota bZ4X: first electric car is coming soon

Toyota is basically very late when it comes to electric cars. While the competition now offers a large selection of vehicles, Toyota will only be launching the bZ4X with this one electric car in the middle of the year. After all, Toyota wants to set a good example and offer a very long warranty for the battery.

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