Burn-in with Switch OLED? That is really how great the danger is!

The OLED Model the Nintendo Switch has been available in stores since October 2021 and impresses above all with an optimized screen that displays the games in rich colors. In our Test we have already taken a closer look at the premium model of the Nintendo Switch. However, OLED now and then harbors the risk that it becomes Burn-in-Effekt comes, as is already the case with some TV sets.

Can the picture also be burned in on a Nintendo Switch OLED?

YouTuber WULFF DEN has now attempted to intentionally burn in the screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED. For this he has a screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild opened, which not only had solid UI elements, but also showed extremely bright areas on the ceiling. The best prerequisites for causing the burn-in effect.

Nintendo Switch OLED runs 1,800 hours straight

The YouTuber had to make several preparations so that the Nintendo handheld could display the screenshot without interruption and with full brightness. WULFF DEN has an initial conclusion 1,800 hours (75 days) drawn. While more vulnerable devices would probably have burned in long ago, the Nintendo Switch absolutely exists with the OLED model no problem. In normal operation, players don’t have to worry here.

Nintendo Switch OLED burn-in experiment continues

Even if the burn-in effect will probably never play a role for switch owners, the YouTuber would like to push the OLED model to its limits and continue the experiment. The handheld will now run day and night indefinitely. It remains to be seen in the future whether and if so when it will ever burn in.

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