Canon recommends: This is how printer owners trick copy protection

Canon is now recommending “counterfeit” printer cartridges. (Image source: Unsplash)

Ironically, the printer manufacturer Canon is currently giving its customers tips on how to outsmart the in-house copy protection for cartridges. Due to the global shortage of chips, Canon simply lacks the right DRM chips.


Canon recommends “counterfeit” printer cartridges

It should already be one of the most curious tech reports of the year: The printer manufacturer Canon is going to die components required for the DRM system out. Now the company itself gives tips on how to deal with “counterfeit” printer cartridges. The aim of digital rights management is actually to ensure that customers only use original Canon cartridges if possible.

According to a notice on its own website, Canon is currently missing “certain electronic components” for multifunction printers. Until a normal supply is guaranteed again, the cartridges are unceremoniously Delivered without copy protection as “interim toner”. Since the printers then complain with an error message, there are now tips on how the system can be bypassed (source: Canon).

The Japanese company also advises that the display of the respective fill level for DRM-free cartridges may not be correct. You could suddenly switch from 100 to 0 percent, although there is still enough toner available. Around 60 models are said to be affectedwho classify the latest Canon cartridges as “third-party products” or speak of a malfunction. According to Canon, customers can expect the best printing results even with DRM-free products.

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Canon: Chip Shortage Reaches Printers

Canon isn’t the only manufacturer that does is struggling with a chip shortage. Sony had to give up the production of a digital camera without further ado and the iPhone supplier Foxconn is also facing difficulties. A short-term relaxation of the situation is not to be expected, as Intel is also forecasting. Supply chains will remain disrupted for even longer.

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