Drachenlord: Controversial YouTuber stays in his house

Last October, the Middle Franconian YouTuber and streamer Rainer Winkler, known as the Dragon Lord, Fame throughout Germany when he was sentenced to two years in prison at a trial in Nuremberg.

The appointment process will begin at the end of March 2022, again in Nuremberg. In October, Winkler still protested, his Having sold the property and house and moving in early January, in order to escape his anti-fans and bring calm to the small village that has been suffering for years from the clashes between the dragon lord and haters.

Also the one responsible there Police should finally be relieved by the move, For years, the law enforcement officers have had to go to work in front of the YouTuber’s property several times a day. But nothing will come of the move for the time being.

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Still not moved out

In court, the YouTuber named January 5, 2022 as the move-out date. The closer this date got, the more anti-fans visited Winkler again.

Another endurance test for the 42-soul village in Middle Franconia near Nuremberg. It was almost a week ago now – but the dragon lord still lives in his house.

SUV instead of a new apartment

The 32-year-old sold his property and property to the community. As he recently revealed I bought a Ford SUV from it. But he doesn’t have a new place to stay yet.

Because of this he continues to live in the property besieged by haters, which he inherited a few years ago after his father’s death.

Are landlords afraid of haters?

It is questionable whether the YouTuber, who gained notoriety, did not try to find a new apartment or was simply rejected everywhere because of his (negative) popularity.

A few years ago, Winkler was sentenced to social hours, which he has not been able to do to this day, because no suitable institution would want him – for fear of unrest caused by sieges by anti-fans.

Potential landlords may fear the same thing.

When does the Dragon Lord move out?

As part of a livestream, Dragonlord stated regarding the overdue move that he had always said that he would move out not on, but by January 5th.

However, that did not happen. The responsible police in Neustadt an der Aisch also anticipate this for the time being continue daily operations to have to move out to the dragon lord.

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