Dying Light 2: 500 hours of playtime? Tweet reaps massive headwinds

A game that lasts 500 hours: This announcement now scares off many players rather than attracting them – most simply have far too little time for such a chunk. Therefore, the loud and negative reaction to a corresponding tweet about Dying Light 2 is not really surprising. However, the developers are working directly to limit the damage.

Twitter says it will take players “at least 500 hours to completely play Dying Light 2, almost as long as it takes to walk from Warsaw to Madrid!”

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Fans worry about grind and little variety

Instead of anticipation, the comments are mainly about resignation. Many do not believe that a game can provide hundreds of hours of exciting content, but that it has to artificially stretch its playing time through grind and long walking distances. Casual Gamers IE writes something like:

8 hour campaign confirmed. Picking up every single sock in town – 500 hours.

The developers have already reacted to this and state that the Story campaign including side missions around 70 to 80 hours should take. Another Tweet makes it clear that the 500 hours only apply if you really want to explore every last corner of the open world and unlock all achievements. In addition, Dying Light 2 offers several different endings, which is also counted as “completely played through”.

Even 80 hours is a rather depressing prospect for many commentators, but there are also dissenting voices who are looking forward to a huge open world and many quests. Twitter user Slomo writes for example:

Now I want to play it even more urgently than before, I thought the first game was way too short. I can’t wait to see this long, dark story they prepared for us. Put it this way: We’re getting more of Jonah’s incredible voice acting “(Editor’s note: Jonah Scott speaks the protagonist Aiden Caldwell)

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If you are not yet sure whether Dying Light 2 is the right game for you, then the best thing to do is to read through our large overview. In it you can find out what exactly awaits you in the open world, how the fights work and much more:

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In Germany, by the way, Dying Light 2 appears in cut form. We’ll explain the differences that make.