Elden Ring: Leak shows character creation of the RPG

Slowly but surely moving forward Elden Ring within reach: Already on February 25th the long-awaited role-playing game finally appears for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 as well as the PC. How hot fans really are was recently shown on Steam, where From Software’s new title climbed the throne of the most wanted title and thus encountered zombie parkour adventure Dying Light 2 from the same.

So shortly before the launch, of course, those are piling up again most important questionsFor example: Did Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki actually play the Demon’s Souls remake? Do the horses in Elden Ring have testicles? And how detailed the tool will be this time Character creation?

Between realism and horror cabinet: the creation of characters in Elden Ring

The last of the three questions can also be thanks to a leak will now be answered and fans of the previous games from the home From Software should be very satisfied with what is shown: The character creation is not only beautifully varied and extensive again, but also wonderfully wacky.

The leak video is from YouTuber ER-SAHe did not reveal where he got the material from. However, and this is already stated in the title of the video, the character creation shown is a bit broken: The menus, for example, are all unlabeled. Whoever clicks through it will still be with the different faces, skin colors and hair styles by Elden Ring (buy now € 53.99 /50,99 € ) rewarded.

So you can already mentally adjust facial features and body structure so that you yourself plunge even faster into the intermediate land on the release day can. As already mentioned, you have the free choice between normal humans and wacky swamp creatures, which not only reminds of Shrek by chance. So you can Let your imagination run wild.

In the YouTube comments, the graphic quality of the character addressed, which has increased significantly compared to Dark Souls 3 and is no longer that far removed from the Demon’s Souls remake. By the way, the video already allows one first look at the equipment and the status values ​​of the ten selectable classeseven if the names remain veiled.

Those: ER-SA on YouTube

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