Excel – Hide & Show Columns: How’s Fast?

Large tables become clearer if you hide columns in Excel (Image source: Scott Graham / Unsplash)

Extensive Excel tables quickly become confusing. To change that, you can show unnecessary Excel columns and quickly show them again if necessary. GIGA explains how this works in this tip.

You can hide columns in Excel by using a hotkey. You can even do it with several people at the same time. They are still active and all the formulas they contain will continue to run as you enter values.

Our video also shows you how to hide them and show them again:

If you want to hide columns in Excel, you can use three methods. The fastest way is certainly with a key combination.

This is how you can hide columns in Excel with a hotkey:

  1. Marks individual columnsby using your mouse click on the letter above. Multiple columns you can mark by her the key [STRG] hold down and click on the letters.
  2. Then simply press the buttons at the same time [STRG] + [8].
  3. The selected columns are hidden.

Hide columns with the mouse:

  1. Marks the whole columnsby her click on the corresponding letter. To mark several at the same time, hold down the button [STRG] pressed.
  2. Then click with the right mouse button on the upper letter bar.
  3. Now appears a Context menu, in which you the “Hide” menu item finds.
  4. As soon as you click on it, the columns are hidden and disappear.

Hide Excel columns in the menu:

  1. Marks the column with the mouse through one Click on the letter.
  2. In the main menu “Start“You can see on the right in the section”Cells” the menu “Format“. If you click on it, a menu appears in which you can find under “visibility” the point “Hide and show“Finds.
  3. There you will see different options with which you Hide and show sheets, columns and rows can.

Show hidden Excel columns again

The hidden columns of the table are still needed, otherwise you could simply delete them. Fading in is also very easy:

  • Show columns with hotkey: Press the buttons at the same time [STRG] + [Umschalttaste] + [(] – What is meant is the “open bracket key”. All hidden columns are shown again.
  • Show with the mouse: Marks the whole table with the key combination [STRG] + [A]. then right-click on the letter row of the columns at the top. Select “Show” in the context menu and the columns will be shown.
  • Show hidden columns in the menu: Marks the whole table with the keys [STRG] + [A]. Then click at the top of the menu in the area “Cells” on “Format“And then on”Hide and show“. Select “Show columns” in the submenu to make all hidden columns visible again.

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