Final Fantasy 14: New information about the next patches in February 2022

With Patch 6.0 of Final Fantasy 14, the storyline of the last decade has finally come to an end. However, that does not mean that the Warrior of Light will not experience any more adventures. On the new Radio Mog Station Broadcast, the producer of the MMORPG, Naoki Yoshida, stated that new information about the next updates up to patch 7.0 will be published in February 2022.

New information about future patches

According to the Side Siliconera the characters Thancred and Krile will play a fairly important role in future updates to the story. Furthermore, there should be a few “drastic changes” for Final Fantasy 14 up to the release of 7.0.

The entire broadcast is four and a half hours long and includes some information about important NPCs from Endwalker, screenshots of players, and more. Unfortunately, the broadcast is only available in Japanese at the moment and there are no subtitle options so far.

In the same broadcast Yoshida also spoke about patch 6.08, which should bring a few changes for different classes of the game. Among other things the samurai, black magician, and monk get a small buff. In addition, Yoshida thinks about increasing the dancer’s own “firepower” a little.

The final update for Final Fantasy 14 (buy now ) appeared earlier this year and finally let players contest the new raid on the difficulty level “Savage”. A few new pieces of equipment also found their way into the game.

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