From Software: Next title could be a new Armored Core

Old hands and video game veterans know: That Japanese developer studio From Software existed long before it slowly gained popularity with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls and through immersive fantasy worlds including tough boss fights Hearts the player won.

At that time there was a number of that in particular Hobby horse of the games forge: Armored Core. The Mecha franchise around visually stunning and action-packed battles between giant robots could never keep up with Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Co., anyway there is a die-hard Armored Core fanbase. And she could now have every reason to cheer.

Dark Souls meets robots: is a new Armored Core coming?

One user shared in the ResetEra-Forum one of him completed survey from From Software, in which he not only had to answer a few questions, but also a few Screenshots and even gameplay recordings got to see. You can find the pictures in the corresponding forum thread, but as a protective measure they are made halfway unrecognizable.

The user also shared the information that was provided to him in the survey. So it is again one Third-person shooter with mecha elements, which is said to be located on the planet Bashtar. The sci-fi world is supposed to be from From Software-Chef Hidetaka Miyazaki According to the user, the influence of this can also be seen in the gameplay material that he calls “Soulslike”-Bosskämpfe describes.

Furthermore is from one formidable card the speech, the players thanks a number on various mobility options should be able to explore freely. Last but not least, the survey looked at a wide range of customization options: Players should completely customize their mechs their own taste can customize.

Appeared with Armored Core Verdict Day most recently in 2013 part of the series, it was a standalone extension to the fifth offshoot. So if the possibly upcoming Armored Core title isn’t a spin-off, fans may be allowed to finally to the sixth part be happy.

Those: ResetEra

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