Guckkasten special collaboration revealed! Pre-release of new content for ‘Myungil Ark’ celebrating its 2nd anniversary

Global game company YOSTAR announced on the 10th that it had broadcast a commemorative broadcast on the 2nd anniversary of its service and announced new content in the mobile defense RPG , which it serviced and developed by Hypergryph.

This broadcast was held on the 9th to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of its release, and it received favorable reviews for its contents such as a data statistics briefing for 6 months from last July, details of the 2nd anniversary update, and real-time events.

The MC was played by Kwon Isul, an announcer specializing in games, and Cho Choong-hyeon, a comedian and YouTube creator, took charge of the data statistics briefing, showing off his wit.

In particular, from the start of the broadcast, the popular rock band Gukkasten heated up the atmosphere by performing a special collaboration song ‘crack in the ark’ to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of .

Along with this, Virtual Armiya and Mudrock appeared to introduce a new event ‘Dosoles Holiday’ scheduled to be held on the 14th. Amiya was voiced by Lee Ji-hyun, and Mud Rock was played by Kim Ye-rim, and she showed vivid performances.

The new event ‘Dosoles Holiday’ announced will include ‘Chen the Holungday’, an alternate operator of Chen, the main character of the Ark, ‘Mizuki’ with a mysterious atmosphere, and ‘La Pluma’ and ‘Tequila’ as new characters. .

In addition, he drew enthusiastic responses from fans by presenting a wealth of content, such as interviews with Japanese voice actors who participated in the animation of , making cosplay weapons, and live drawing of emoticons by Coconut Corn.

In addition, to express gratitude to users who watched the broadcast in real time, various user participation events such as quiz shows and roulette board events were held to provide abundant rewards.

service 2nd anniversary commemorative broadcast can be checked through the official YouTube channel.

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