iPad XL within reach: But does Apple dare?

An even bigger iPad than the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display? It doesn’t exist yet, but that could change now. At least from now on, such a device is no longer an impossibility. It remains unclear, however, whether Apple wants to manufacture an “iPad XL” at all.

According to reports, the Chinese Apple supplier BOE has converted its factories to larger OLED screens for devices beyond smartphones, including tablets and computersto manufacture (source: The Elec).

iPad with 15-inch OLED: possible in the future

It is claimed that BOE would like to supply corresponding displays with OLED technology for future iPads. Exciting: The factory will be able to produce screens up to 15 inches in size. The way for an even bigger iPad would be clear. Such an “iPad XL” in the form of an even larger iPad Pro is indeed requested by customers here and there, but it still remains unanswered whether Apple will ever build such a huge iPad.

Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman spoke about Apple’s considerations in the summer of 2021, but publication, when it comes, would be years away. Ergo: Apple still doesn’t dare, but the first step has been taken.

With the current iPad Pro (12.9 inch), Apple uses a mini OLED screen, not OLED:

Decisive for Apple: If it goes according to the report, then that’s it BOE factory is able to produce so-called two-layer OLED screens. A technology that Apple will require from its suppliers in the future, but has not yet been implemented. Good to know: Such displays are even brighter than previous OLED screens.

It doesn’t exist yet either. An affordable iPad with a large display:

Apple has several irons in the fire

In any case, Apple likes to protect itself and does not like to rely on just one partner. For example, OLED displays are currently not only available from Samsung and LG, BOE has also been allowed to contribute screens for the iPhone 13 since last year. In this way, Apple ultimately prevents delivery bottlenecks and also has more options and a better position in price negotiations.