Is it just a costume? This is how awesome this Batman villain looks!

Next to the dark knight that is Salt in the soup of the Batman universe of course the multitude of villains: sometimes charismatic, sometimes chaotic, sometimes deeply diabolical. Also in the new Batman film, which will be released in cinemas from March 3rd, are allowed again popular opponents to be admired by Bruce Wayne.

Part of the party this time: Oswald Cobblepot alias Pinguin (Colin Farrell) and Edward Nashton alias Riddler (Paul Dano). New photos have now appeared for both and while the Riddler disappears behind a mask, that is Face of the penguin to see clearly. That Colin Farrell is supposed to be behind it, however, is hardly recognizable.

An unprecedented transformation

That’s not because of that casual, elegant outfit or the fact that he has made himself comfortable in a black leather armchair: If you know Colin Farrell’s face from other films or even from the red carpet, you would probably have the 45-year-old not recognized behind the character seen in the photo.

the Transformation which the actor thanks for his role talented and skilled makeup artist Farrell turned into a really badly hit Oswald Cobblepot. With such a convincing costume, anyone who briefly forgets that the Batman villain is actually be forgiven just a fictional character is and doesn’t really exist.

The Riddler is also impressive, although he certainly has one for fans rather unusual sight offers. The puzzle-loving antagonist usually appears in a suit and has an elegant hat and stick with him. Nothing of that can be seen in the Riddler of the new Batman film: Instead, it appears that you have each other Inspiration from the Zodiac Killer brought what clearly fits the previously known story scraps of the upcoming DC adaptation.

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