Is Quantic Dream working on another blockbuster game?

Well, who still remembers E3 2013? The Playstation 4 was presented with numerous, then impressive tech demos, including a demo with the name “The Dark Sorcerer“This demo is supposed to be according to the Twitter user @AccNgt, which has already correctly predicted the current Quantam project Star Wars: Eclipse, the basis for the next one Blockbuster-Project of the Paris studio.

New game from Quantic Dream?

Quantic Dream wouldn’t turn a tech demo into a full-fledged game for the first time. Detroid: Become Human, for example, is based on the 2012 demonstrated Tech-Demo Kara. The Dark Sorcerer project is referred to by @AccNgt as “humor-based“Game described which”significantly more advanced“should be as the Star Wars project of the same development studio.

What exactly this means, however, is not known. This leaves a concrete idea of ​​the game despite numerous notes (cross-generation, history of David Cage, Middle Ages Fantasy as a setting) is quite vague.

How realistic is the rumor?

It is questionable to what extent such a project is realistic. Not only that leaks like to turn out to be wrong or misleading, despite a previous correct forecast by a speaker, also the studio itself is currently not, according to rumors, in the best position to handle two large projects in parallel.

From a toxic corporate culture to a potential takeover of the studio to current problems with the engine on which Star Wars: Eclipse is supposed to work, there is a range of problems that make the success of a second large project difficult to imagine.

This also fits in with the comment from @AccNgt that it is currently difficult for Quantic Dream to find potential employees for the project, similar to the case of Star Wars: Eclipse.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether this potential leak turns out to be real and to what extent it is even possible for Quantic Dream to develop two games under the circumstances described.

Incidentally, if the leak turns out to be real, that does not automatically mean that the game will only be released for the PS5. For some time now, Quantic Dream has also been developing (again) for other platforms, definitely for the PC. The target platforms for Star Wars: Eclipse are not yet known.

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Tech demo of Playstation 4: The Dark Sorcerer – A Next-Gen Comedy from E3 2013

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