Logan Paul: Pokémon cards for 3.5 million euros almost worthless!

Last week we covered YouTuber Logan Paul who Pokémon cards in the value of $ 3.5 million bought. This is a “1st Edition Base Set”-Box from 1998, which not only came in its original packaging, but supposedly too unique should have been. However, Pokémon experts already had some doubts here and said the cards could be forged.

Logan Paul had the box checked for authenticity

The YouTuber wanted to clarify the matter quickly and went straight to Chicago to find the authenticity his $ 3.5 million box again from the BBCE to have checked. Logan Paul has not yet shared a result. Before that, the 26-year-old spoke in one Video call but still with his Pokémon expert Gary “King Pokémon” Haase, from whom he has also bought some rare cards in the past.

Logan Paul’s Pokémon Box isn’t unique

In conversation, the YouTuber experienced another one surprise. Logan Paul actually assumed that he had the only original boxed copy of the “1st Edition Base Set” box. But that’s not the case, because Gary Haase owns several of these boxes himself.

So the set is far less valuable than Paul thought. The expert cannot believe that Logan Paul did not contact him before the purchase in order to prevent such a situation.

Logan Paul had no doubts when purchasing the Pokémon box

According to his own statement, the YouTuber didn’t give it much thought because the box was authenticated by the BBCE. That’s why he didn’t question the uniqueness. In December 2021, Logan Paul revealed on Twitter that he had just spent $ 3.5 million on a Pokémon package.

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