Motorola is developing one of the craziest smartphones in the world

Motorola is planning a smartphone with an all-round display. (Image source: LetsGoDigital)

Motorola has fought back a bit in the smartphone market in recent years. Now the company seems to be bolder and is planning a smartphone that did not exist in this form. Even Samsung has to expect competition.

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Motorola develops smartphones with a unique display

When you think of Motorola smartphones, you have the G series in mind. The entry-level and mid-range smartphones were particularly popular in the past. But Motorola also builds high-end smartphones. The Moto Edge X30 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 was recently introduced. Motorola even got ahead of Xiaomi by installing the new high-end chip in a cell phone first. Now becomes a much crazier smartphone developed – with all-round display. It should look like this:

The idea in itself is not new. With the Mi Mix Alpha, Xiaomi has already built a smartphone with a “wrap around” display. Motorola is developing its own variant, which is also can be operated with a stylus. This would also compete with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which inherits the Note series. In addition, the smartphone should have a particularly ingenious recognition and recognize exactly when it is being held in the hand or carried in the pocket. After all, almost the entire cell phone consists of a display. No incorrect entries should be recognized.

Xiaomi wants to charge its smartphones completely wirelessly:

Is such a Motorola smartphone design really practical?

This smartphone design is of course a real eye-catcher. But it doesn’t really make sense. After all, you always have a display in your hand wherever you are. If the smartphone falls on the floor, the entire device is probably broken. The exchange is likely to be very costly. Motorola is welcome to try it, because it would have a really interesting smartphone on offer that would surely find some buyers.

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