Netflix costs (2022): Subscription prices for the streaming service

Here at GIGA you can find out what the different Netflix subscriptions currently cost and what advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Netflix offers three different subscription levels. Most recently, the subscription prices of Netflix were increased at the beginning of 2021 – currently, no further price adjustment for new and existing customers of the streaming service is to be expected. What you have to pay monthly for access to the lavish range of films and series in 2022 can be found here in the overview.

You can see here which series highlights await you on Netflix in 2022:

Netflix costs 2022: current prices at a glance

In contrast to Amazon Prime Video, all series, films and documentaries are included in the subscription with Netflix. There is no additional option to buy or rent videos for individual viewing. Netflix adds new series and films to its catalog every month. In addition, there is no advertising to be seen on Netflix – regardless of your chosen subscription.

The three different subscription models do not differ in scope, but only in the image quality offered and the devices that can be used at the same time. The following prices have been in effect for new customers since January 14, 2021:

Basis Standard Premium
Monthly price 7,99 Euro 12,99 Euro 17,99 Euro
HD picture quality no And And
Ultra HD picture quality no no And
Simultaneously usable streams / devices 1 2 4

More information about subscription costs at Netflix (2022)

If you don’t like the different payment methods, Netflix can also use prepaid cards as an alternative. The monthly costs are always deducted on the day of the month on which you took out the Netflix subscription.

Cancellation is possible at any time, the subscription can then be used until the end of the period you have already paid – you can find more details here. You can also use the “Change subscription” function to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

With its own Netflix originals, the streaming service is trying to differentiate itself from competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Sky Ticket or Disney +. So you can series like “Dark”, “Stranger Things”, “The Witcher” or „The Crown“ watch only on Netflix. If you want to know exactly which series and films are available on Netflix before you take out a subscription, this is how you can find out: The Netflix program – 5 overview pages for all series and films.

Netflix TV logo
Bild: Getty Images – AlexandrBognat / Netflix

Price increase in 2021

Netflix raised the prices of the Standard and premium subscriptions. The basic subscription in SD quality remained unchanged at a price of 7.99 euros per month. The price of the Standard-Abos would by 1 euro to 12.99 euros and that Premium-Abo um 2 Euro increased to 17.99 euros per month.

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