Netmarble, 3D TPS MOBA PC game ‘Overprime’ trailer video released

Netmarble’s anticipated new ‘Overprime’ has begun in earnest.

Netmarble (CEO Young-sik Kwon, Seung-won Lee) announced on the 10th that it has released a trailer video for the 3D TPS occupation of positions (MOBA) PC game ‘Overprime (developer Netmarble FNC)’ on its Steam page and official YouTube channel.

‘Overprime’ is a PC game that mixes third-person shooter and MOBA genres, and is a strategy action game in which two teams destroy each other’s bases. The user chooses one of the heroes with 5 characteristics: carry, mid laner, off laner, jungle, and supporter, and plays a 5:5 battle.

‘Overprime’ is the successor of ‘Paragon’, which was introduced by Epic Games in 2016. It is a 3D TPS MOBA game that focuses on speed and hitting while continuing the high-quality graphics and strategy of the previous game, boasting a high degree of perfection.

The trailer video shows the ‘Overprime’ worldview with splendid action with major heroes such as Demorius, Beatrice, and Shade in the lead. This video was produced in an anamorphic screen size for cinematic effect, and the narration was taken by the actor Edward Dogliani, who appeared in the popular drama ‘Game of Thrones’.

In August, Netmarble conducted a user invitation test to verify the game quality by competing with the developer, and officially opened the Steam page in November to begin preparations for release.

A total of 21 characters will appear in the early access version to be released in the future, and a console version will also be introduced after the PC version is released.

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