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‘Dragon Ball the Breakers’ is an asymmetric action game in the world of ‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’, in which ‘Radar’ with strong power and ‘Survivor’ with no power are divided into 1 vs. 7 battles. . It tells the story of ordinary ‘survivors’ who are sucked into the crack of open time due to some kind of incident and set out in search of a time machine to survive from ‘radar’ with powerful power.

Survivors must avoid the radar’s eyes, collect various items on the field, and use them to escape from the rift in time. Conversely, the radar must stop the survivors from escaping and defeat all of them. Both Survivor and Radar evolve and become stronger as the game progresses. If there’s anything unusual One of Survivor’s victory conditions is to defeat the radar. Radar is not invincible and has a fixed HP. Survivor can temporarily transform into a Z-Warrior by gathering change power and inflict effective damage while transformed. Because If you match your teammates well, it is possible to defeat the radar in reverse.

Although Dragon Ball The Breakers is an asymmetric match, it is not a tag game in which one side is unilaterally pursued and pursued. Radar and Survivor can feel the splendid air combat and hitting feel unique to Dragon Ball. Here, you can feel the tension because various items such as ‘Dragon Ball’ that grant wishes appear and bring variables. What kind of game is Dragon Ball The Breakers? I heard the story from producer Ryosuke Hara of Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Producer Ryosuke Hara

● Dragon Ball The Breakers shares the worldview with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Is there any special reason?

do it: In the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, players create their own avatar and plunge into the world of Dragon Ball. In Xenoverse, the clone will have super powers, but the concept of ‘If I am in the world of Dragon Ball’ is common to Xenoverse and Dragon Ball The Frakers, so they share a worldview with Xenoverse.

● The game will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Do you also have cross-play between PC and console in mind?

do it: Currently, we do not plan to compete against other platforms.

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● I wonder if the attack power varies depending on the spirit form. (Spirit refers to a Z-Warrior character that can transform by collecting change powers such as Goku, Chen Jinban, and Piccolo, and can be obtained by drawing.)

do it: The higher the change level, the higher the damage dealt to the radar.

● When will non-cell radars be added?

do it: We would appreciate it if you could wait for further announcements regarding this content.

● Many people pointed out that the map structure and graphics were too simple. Is there room for improvement?

do it: We received valuable comments from many users through beta testing. Currently, all members of the development team are reviewing the future revision policy based on the feedback received. When the direction is decided, we will announce it again.

Closed test gameplay, so far, there are many parts that feel simple in many ways, such as graphics, sound, and map structure.

● Survivor has the skill to deceive by transforming into an object, but I wonder if it is not caught by the radar’s ki detection when transformed into an object.

do it: Detect is hit. However, during the change, the distance to be locked on becomes shorter, so unless the radar uses ‘flat detection’ or notices and intentionally approaches, it will not be locked on. Therefore, it is transformed into an object and can be passed over without being attacked by the radar.


Even if it turns into an object, it will still be detected. However, it is difficult to hit an attack because it is not locked on.

● In radar play, if at least one survivor survives, it is considered defeated. Is the Raider’s victory condition to eliminate all survivors?

do it: (Even if there are survivors) It is not considered a defeat, but the condition for a complete victory is to eliminate all survivors.


Nonsense…! I’m suffering…


I defeated 5 out of 7 people, but it was marked as ‘LOSE’ and it felt strange.

● Ranged attack accuracy is very low. As a result, close-quarters combat is the main focus rather than long-distance combat. Is this the intention?

Hira: Compared to the Dragon Ball games that have been released so far, it is a little difficult to hit (ranged attack) in terms of game balance. In particular, in this work, the Survivor side makes tricky movements to avoid the attack, so it may be difficult to hit a ranged attack until you have a knack for it. It is not an intentional design for melee combat, so it would be good to use ranged and melee combat depending on the situation.


Ranged attack accuracy is very low.

● For asymmetric action games, careful balance adjustment is important. I wonder to what extent Dragon Ball The Breakers set the radar and survivor balance ratio during the development stage. Personally, I felt it was more advantageous for Survivor to pursue victory in various ways.

do it: Radar and Survivor each have their own victory conditions, so it is difficult to give a detailed assumption ratio. Of course, during the development stage, we have adjusted so that one side does not have too much advantage. It’s not that the balance in the development stage was perfect, and the balance also depends on the skill level of the users, so we conducted a beta test on December 4th and 5th for adjustment.


If you are vigilant about being a tagger, you can get hit in the opposite direction and die.


There are a lot of things to take care of as there are various win conditions.

● I’m curious about the average win rate of Radar vs Survivor counted during this test.

do it: The exact win rate is currently being counted, but in the first and second sessions of the test, Radar had a high win rate, and Survivor tended to have a higher win rate in the second half. In the second half, when Survivor’s solidarity increased, the Survivor side showed an advantage, and we plan to adjust the balance based on this result.

● A word to Korean fans

do it: Hello, Korean fans. Thank you for participating in our closed beta test last year. I think this game is a work that we are making together with the users. So, the whole development team will do their best to meet your expectations. In addition, we are currently reviewing to provide an opportunity to participate in the test before release, so we ask for your continued interest and support for ‘Dragon Ball The Breakers’.










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