Open Worlds: What is the perfect game length for you?

Open world games are known for being huge and can consume an incredible amount of game time. You can easily spend between 50 and 200 hours in The Witcher 3 alone. Depending on how many side quests and other tasks you do, how many collectibles you collect – and whether you bog down in the thirtieth game of Gwent. But can open world games be too big?

Just recently, a developer tweet about Dying Light 2 caused a lot of discussion in the season debate. According to the tweet, you supposedly need at least 500 hours to play through the upcoming action highlight from front to back:

500 hours of playtime?  A tweet creates massive headwinds


Dying Light 2

500 hours of playtime? A tweet creates massive headwinds

What at first sounds like a great slogan for all advertising posters in the world, but causes a lot of worries among the fans. Not because they don’t want to spend a lot of time in Dying Light 2, but because they are afraid of excessive grind and pointless collecting quests that are generally used to stretch the game time.

The developers had already reported back and assured that the story campaign including side missions would already last 70 to 80 hours. But is that appropriate in relation to the total playing time of 500 hours?

By the way, according to a GameStar survey we started last year, playing times that are too long are one of the main reasons why you stop playing:

One in three of you abandons games because they are too long


Survey evaluation

One in three of you abandons games because they are too long

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Since many have already given their perfect playing time in the comments under the news linked above, we want to collect these impressions again in the big round and have set up a survey for you in which you can specify your perfect playing time for open world games.

Before you vote: The information available for selection below relates to the complete playing time, not just story time. That means the main story plus side quests and extra tasks such as collectibles or the like. You are welcome to tell us in the comments what your perfect weighting of the individual elements looks like in the total playing time (example: 70 percent main quest, 20 percent side quest and 10 percent collectibles). In addition, the survey relates only on open world games and not on games in general.

Please keep this in mind when you vote now: