Paid to Play Final Fantasy 14? Asmongold defends himself against allegations

The well-known streamer Asmongold is a big fan of Final Fantasy 14 and has played this MMO many times during its live streams in the past few months. In addition, he had often made negative comments about competitor World of Warcraft in the recent past. Was he even paid for it? Some viewers recently accused him of this. But what is it about it?

This is the accusation against Asmongold

Several of his viewers have recently made claims that Asmongold is allegedly paid by Square Enix will contribute to Final Fantasy 14 during its streams Twitch to play and thus increase its popularity. Especially in the fight against the rival World of Warcraft, this would be an effective means to out-boot the competition. According to the allegations, of course, this payment was made in secret.

How did Asmongold react?

The streamer recently spoke up during a live stream and commented on the allegations. He took this with humor and quickly made it clear that he couldn’t really take it seriously.

“That’s what people actually think. Every time I play a new game, it has to be a seedy back-room deal. It can’t be anything else. (…) What do you think how I go to a random place and then a seedy back room deal goes through – like a back room where they rig horse racing and boxing matches. There are blinds over the windows, there is smoke everywhere, and they decide to give me $ 100,000 to pay to stream Final Fantasy? “

Asmongold could not suppress a laugh during his remarks, as he regards the allegations as completely absurd and accordingly considers the people behind the statements to be pitiable.

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