play podcast # 277: We against the comet – throw up at the beginning of the year

Chris is back in play podcast # 277 – Yay! Hooray! But that’s not the only highlight (or lowlight – as you might think), because the doughy talk show host chats with Katha about the second season of the Netflix series The Witcher, other films and series as well as her Christmas gamble. There are also two top 5 lists of the two. First with the things that we are particularly looking forward to in the gaming year 2022, and then with the things that could remain stolen from us in the gaming year 2022. Is that particularly innovative? No! But that’s our podcast, after all, and the subject is a bit meager right now. In addition, we are drifting very far, even by our standards, and finally come to a point where we really throw up on various things in the world of video games. Oh yes, there is a community again – Eureka! Or so. I dont know. The podcast is still very good. At least we think so. In any case, it is very long.

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The topics of issue 277:
00:00:00 – intro, greeting, digressing
00:34:36 – Community
01:15:30 – Top 5 things to look forward to in the gaming year 2022
01:47:33 – Top 5 things that can piss off in the gaming year 2022

The next issue of the play podcast will appear on January 24, 2022.

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