Red Dead Redemption finally for PS5? Leak to action hit!

Since 2020 at the latest, there have been repeated rumors and speculations about a remake of the Western action game Red Dead Redemption for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. An official confirmation or announcement from Rockstar Games is pending, but a current leak brings the rumor mill to simmer again.

Where did the leak for the remake of RDR come from?

Twitter user AccountNGT recently reported that such a NextGen remake of Red Dead Redemption is actually in developmentt. This is a kind of “remaster remake” that would be reminiscent of the GTA Trilogy in its way.

However, it is very unlikely that Rockstar Games will officially announce the game later this year. As soon as the announcement was made, however, he would have a lot of information for his followers.

Learn about the PS5 upgrade for Red Dead Redemption 2

Immediately after the first tweet, “AccountNGT” spoke up again. It was about a possible PS5 upgrade for the successor Red Dead Redemption 2 (buy now 19,99 € /56,99 € ). This is also already in progress. For this, he estimates the probability of an early announcement to be significantly higher. He doesn’t even categorically rule out the upgrade’s release before the end of this year.

How trustworthy is the source?

The Twitter account of “AccountNGT” has already published numerous leaks and information from the gaming world. Some of them turned out to be (partially) correct in retrospect, so there could be some truth in the recent tweets about Red Dead Redemption.

Those: Twitter, DualShockers

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