Red lantern for Vodafone: No provider is canceled more often

Whether mobile communications, landline internet, electricity and gas or the gym – consumers everywhere conclude and cancel contracts. The service provider Volders has chosen the termination king for 2021: Most customers want to leave Vodafone again.

Vodafone collects layoffs: At Volders in first place

Vodafone topped the number of cancellations that customers had processed through the service provider Volders in 2021. The telecommunications provider from Düsseldorf accounted for 4.8 percent of all contract cancellations through the company. Corresponding 28,250 terminated contracts.

The inglorious podium is seized by the industry: The Telekom lands in second place (4.4 percent), followed by o2 (4.0 percent). Even in fourth place there is still no change, here follows 1 & 1 (3.4 percent). Before that, Telekom landed in first place. In fifth place follows the first company from another industry with Amazon Prime.

According to Volders, the most common reason for termination at Vodafone is financial reasons with almost 20 percent (Those: Teltarif). At Telekom (24 percent) and O2 (21 percent), however, this proportion is somewhat larger. It is not specified whether offers are too expensive or generally savings had to be made.

Streaming services are on the rise among the most terminated companies. Their offers are likely to have become more important for many consumers in the past year as well. At the same time, more and more film studios and relatively small national providers are entering the market or planning to do so. the increasing competition is likely for a lot of variety worry and are also reflected in the number of cancellations.

Various reasons for termination: from short of cash to problems with the provider

Of course it can give many reasons to terminate contracts. Sometimes there is simply no longer any need for the corresponding offer. In other cases there are financial bottlenecks or better conditions from the competition. Problems with the current provider cannot be ruled out either. For example, Vodafone had already taken first place in customer dissatisfaction.

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Not to forget, this is only about the layoffs. As explained above, they don’t necessarily have to do with customer dissatisfaction – but they can. On the other hand, there are no newly concluded contracts. Vodafone as well as Telekom, O2, 1 & 1 or the other providers could still attract attention here.