Sega against NFT mania: “Must not be money-making”

NFTs are currently an important topic for the future for many companies in the industry. While publishers like SHE or Square Enix Having just mentioned their interest, Ubisoft started with Quartz already has its own NFT marketplace, which, however, was not positively received by many fans. Now those responsible for Sega first expressed on the subject.

What does Sega say about NFTs?

In a question and answer session with investors, the Sega bosses have their opinion on the current situation NFT madness submitted. Accordingly, the company is currently also carrying out some experiments and studies on how NFTs may be handled in the future. For the moment, however, you don’t want to start anything. Especially because that Feedback from the players currently negative fails. For Sega, current NFT projects are just plain mere moneymaking.

The developer of Stalker 2 also failed with the NFT marketplace

Almost a month ago GSC Game World had theirs NFT plans for Stalker 2 presented. Here, the highest bidders would even have had the chance to land as NPCs in the shooter. Shortly after the announcement, however, the developers experienced a shit storm, which is why all NFT projects were put on hold again just a few days later.

New games from Sega

In addition to the NFT topic, Sega also focused on other points at the investor conference. Among other things, it was about the brands where you see further potential for the future. Persona and Project Sekai (Hatsune Miku) were mentioned in detail here. Both brands will thus receive further projects.

Sonic the Hedgehog remains the figurehead of Sega. This year appears with Sonic Frontiers the next game in the series.

Those: Sega

Sonic Frontiers: First trailer for the open world game directly from The Game Awards

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