Steam soaring: Once again a new player record was set

For Steam, the year 2022 started with not just one, but two records in quick succession. Only a week ago there was news of a new player record. But this did not last very long, because meanwhile there is another record.

What was the previous record on Steam like?

On January 2, 2022, shortly after the turn of the year 27,942,458 users were simultaneously active on Steam. That was not only an impressive number in itself, but also represented a new record. It was particularly noteworthy that at that time there were more than eight million users in a game, the rest were active in the shop and other areas of Steam .

This is the new record on Steam

As from the official statistics page, this record was surpassed exactly one week later. On January 9, 2022 – yesterday, Sunday – was the peak time for the first time more than 28 million users at the same time on Steam active. Exactly there were 28,230,661 users who were active on the platform at the same time. How many of them were in a game is not yet known.

Speaking of games: the most popular long-time favorites at the moment include many old friends. At the top are still the multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the MOBA Dota 2 and the battle royale shooter PUBG Battlegrounds. here the current top 10 of the past 24 hours including the respective number of players:

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 881.051
  2. Dota 2 – 748,270
  3. PUBG Battlegrounds – 351.766
  4. Apex Legends – 237.441
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5 – 152.326
  6. Rust – 142.760
  7. Naraka: Bladepoint – 121.387
  8. Team Fortress 2 – 89.359
  9. Wallpaper Engine – 81.608
  10. MIR4 – 68.666

Those: Steam

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