Streaming tips on Netflix: 3 magical blockbusters and brilliant series

Netflix is ​​waiting for one of the most popular fantasy series of our time in January 2022, which you can now watch in full on the streaming service. In addition, an original series that could become a new hit will appear in a few days.

Harry Potter series and more

Stream all Harry Potter films on Netflix from now on.

Stream the first two parts of the Fantastic Beasts series now on Netflix.

Nice and cozy into the winter: Netflix starts January 2022 with a real Harry Potter bomb, because on the first of the month it is not only that entire Harry Potter series but also the first two parts of Fantastic Beasts. So if you’ve been planning a Harry Potter marathon for a long time, now is the time. After all, the magical series is also a fantastic match for winter.

The House

The House will be streaming on Netflix from January 14th.

The most original and bizarre series to hit Netflix in January is without question The House: With stop-motion figures, a poor family, a fearful developer and an angry landowner are brought to life, all of whom have lived in a strange house over the years. You should experience what happens to them from January 14th in the mystery series. At first glance, The House looks great, but just look into it Trailerto convince you:

After Life: 3. Staffel

Stream Season 3 of After Life on Netflix starting January 14th.

You know After Life already right? But if not: The black humor drama series follows Tony, who wants to take his own life after the death of his wife. Instead, he decides to go on living and punish the world by doing and saying exactly what he wants, everywhere and always. As the people around him start wanting to make him a better person, his perspective on life changes.

After Life is an honest, sad and ultimately beautiful story about depression, strokes of fate and the view of a world that no longer seems to offer anything. As depressing as the synopsis for After Life sounds, the series is unfolding hopefully – recommendation!

In addition to the highlights mentioned on Netflix in January 2022, there are a few other series that you should keep an eye on: Ozark starts in the first half of the fourth season on January 21 and the series classic The Office also spills over to the streaming provider, namely on January 15th.