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‘Monster Hunter Rise’, released on the Nintendo Switch in March of this year, is a new system of action development and bug wire technology. And it was a title that received favorable reviews in terms of several game changes. Of course, it left a disappointment in terms of providing entertainment consistently after that, but it was a title that matched the changes and development of the game.

Monster Hunter Rise later announced the expansion pack ‘Sunbreak’, along with announcing that Monster Hunter Rise would also be released on Steam. The Steam version of Monster Hunter Rise, scheduled for release on January 13, 2022, includes not only ultra-wide resolution support, but also keyboard and mouse controls and options for fine-tuning. Convenience has also changed.

Prior to the release of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, there was an opportunity to hear about the development process. This interview was conducted in writing, and the distributor collected questions from the domestic media and the developers provided answers. Extensibility of textures and support for a wider range of resolutions. The interview with the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, which has been scheduled to change some fonts, etc., can be found below.

Director Genki Sunano (left) / Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto (right)

● The previous work, ‘Monster Hunter: World’, recorded the highest sales ever. ‘Monster Hunter Rises’ is also drawing attention by breaking the record for the shortest time. I wonder how you can predict the performance of the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rises’, and if you can reveal things like expectations and goals.

= ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ allows new users or users who have played the series for a long time to fall into the game with a lighter mind. It is also a title developed with care in order to make the environment more comfortable to play, by re-adjusting elements that may have become complicated as the series continued, and by adjusting the balance by taking advantage of reflection points from past works. We are very happy that many people are enjoying playing.

After the release of the Nintendo Switch version for the PC (Steam) version of ‘Monster Hunter Rises’, we received a lot of voices from PC gamers in many regions, so we decided to make it. Since ‘Monster Hunter: World’ has been developed as a PC version, many PC game users around the world have become fans of the ‘Monster Hunter’ series, and ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is also a major factor in the decision to develop into a PC version. factor.

If there are many people who enjoy the ‘Monster Hunter’ series, I thought that I would like to provide a work in response to that. I won’t tell you about my goals or expectations, but when the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rises’ is released, I hope that many people will play it.

● Are there any elements of the PC version that will appeal to users who have played the Nintendo Switch version?

= ‘Monster Hunter Rises’ is a title that started development with the development on the Nintendo Switch as a starting point.

Support for high resolution that can be selected up to 4K as the main element, optimization of graphic options to enable switching to high resolution textures such as monsters and changing the upper limit of frame rate You can mention the points you have taken to make it happen.

We hope that all users will enjoy the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ more widely, so we have reviewed and expanded the optional function that allows you to change detailed settings to suit various PC game environments. Please play in the most comfortable condition for yourself.

In addition, the PC version has implemented a ‘voice chat’ function, which is convenient for online multiplayer, and a ‘various filter’ function that allows you to enjoy videos and screenshots in various moods. We would be grateful if you could utilize these elements of the PC version and enjoy ‘Monster Hunter Rise’.

● The PC version of the trial version felt the difference in graphics to the extent that it felt like a different game. What is the biggest difference you can introduce from the developer’s point of view?

= Since it is possible to increase the available graphic memory according to the specifications of the PC title, we added a function to enhance the visual by taking advantage of the graphic option. In particular, the overall screen can be greatly changed through ‘Image Quality’, an optional function that changes the quality of the rendering resolution.

The parts that can be seen at a glance include 4K resolution response and frame rate improvement. In addition, shadows were applied on the switch version, but on the PC version, dynamic shadows were used to portray them dynamically. There are various changes such as the point that the monster animation is no longer omitted when depicting the distant scene, so we would appreciate it if you could experience these PC version-specific specifications.

As expected, the monsters that first appeared in ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, starting with ‘Magai Magado’, the main monster of this work, are also being produced by the development team, and I would like you to pay attention to the graphics of the PC version.

Also, if you want to properly check the high-resolution textures applied in detail, we recommend that you check out monsters or equipment that show off the scales. In the ‘Monster Hunter’ series, we would like you to take a look at the familiar monster ‘Tigarex’ and equipment produced using that material.

We also added settings to enrich the expression of light and shadow, such as ‘Ambient Occlusion’ and ‘Dynamic Shadow’. For example, you can feel the effect in places with small shadows in places with dense grass and trees such as ‘Companion Square’, water surface in ‘Sand Plains’ and ‘Temple Ruins’, and other scenes where the texture is lit by light. I think it might be possible.

● In addition to graphics, there is a response that the optimization is excellent in memory and capacity. Can you tell us about the part you paid special attention to or the development process?

= ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is a title originally developed with the development on the Nintendo Switch as a starting point. In order to achieve the goal of selecting the most optimal engine when making a game, complete with the highest quality that can be expressed on Nintendo Switch, we chose RE:ENGINE, which evolves every day.

We developed the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ with the intention of providing it to all users of the widest possible range, rather than not being able to play without a high-end PC environment. In addition, from the stage of developing the switch version through RE:ENGINE, while prioritizing performance, there are also areas where various optimizations have been made to broaden the expression of the entire screen.

Since RE:ENGINE is a self-produced internal game development engine, it was possible to develop it in conjunction with the engine development team. It was possible.

This response made it possible to develop better quality games. There were many difficulties in developing the first Monster Hunter series using RE:ENGINE, but I think that it was possible to realize a comfortable play by repeating trial and error in such an environment.

● Monster Hunter: This is the second PC port after World. Could you please explain the differences between the two works.

= As a Monster Hunter series work, it will be the third work following ‘Monster Hunter: World’ and ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’. Again, the biggest difference in development is that the engine is different as I mentioned earlier. Since RE:ENGINE was designed with the concept of improving the efficiency of the game development process, I think that the fact that it was possible to get feedback quickly when editing programs or data was a huge advantage in development.


● The development of the PC version seems to be less restrictive than the Nintendo Switch version. How much better performance can you see than before?

= As previously answered, it is possible for PC titles to increase the available graphics memory according to the specifications of the device. In the PC version, we took advantage of this and added a feature to enhance the visuals in the graphics options. On the one hand, as it is possible to change detailed settings according to the PC environment of all users, I think that it is possible to play in a more comfortable state in each environment.

● Is there any possibility of adding content or features exclusive to the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise?

= The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise was developed with the intention that PC gamers could broadly experience the unique hunting experience of ‘Ryze’ as a result of a lot of voices from users asking for a release after the Nintendo Switch version was announced. .

Therefore, in the Steam version, additional development was carried out as a PC game. However, there are no plans to distribute changes to the system that significantly change the play or experience of the ‘Rise’ game itself, implement functions, or distribute quests limited to the PC version.

● After playing the trial version, many people pointed out that the key setting was inconvenient. Are there any plans to make adjustments to the control system or the arrangement of buttons, etc., given feedback in the official version?

= In the product version, there are some items that can additionally change the key setting, but the default setting will be released in the same form as the trial version.

The Monster Hunter series is an action game, and since there are various actions using all 14 types of weapons, it was quite difficult to decide how to assign each action to the gamepad even on the console version. In the case of keyboard and mouse, we also continue to present the ideal form as to how to set the optimal operation method, but we are researching and working with a sense of task.

In addition, new actions using rope bugs were added in Monster Hunter Rise, and the fact that there were many parts different from those of ‘Monster Hunter: World’ released on PC in the past was one of the difficulties. For that reason, the feel of operation is different from ‘Monster Hunter: World’ and there are circumstances where the operation of each action overlaps.


● I wonder why the PC version was released about 10 months after the release of the Nintendo Switch version.

= : Monster Hunter Rise is a title that started with the idea of ​​’making a new monster hunter in a portable game console’, and was originally scheduled to be released only on the Nintendo Switch version.

After the title was released, as a result of many voices from PC gamers in various regions wishing to release it, it was decided to produce a PC version. In other words, when the development of the switch version was completed to some extent, the PC version development team was separately organized and development started, so the release times of the switch version and the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise were different.

SUNBREAK, a super-large extended content to be released in the summer of 2022, was developed under this background, and is being produced with the goal of simultaneous release on both platforms.

● In Korea, it was a hot topic that the Korean font for the PC version was changed. Are you planning to change the font for the switch version as well? Also, I would like to hear why the font was changed in line with the release of the PC version.

= The PC (Steam) version is a Chinese and Korean in-game font that has been requested a lot since January 13, the release date. Mainly, the font of the monster name in the demo video or the name of the quest when ordering will be changed. The font change with the same specifications for the Nintendo Switch version will be carried out in January 2022, so please wait for a while.


The font introduced in the PC version will be changed to match the Nintendo Switch version.

● In the trial version in October, there were problems with modeling, graphics, and games not running on some PCs. Are all these things going to be fixed in the official version?

= The confirmed inconvenience is being corrected in the product version. However, it is thought that problems such as game operation or graphic display may occur in a PC environment outside of the published operating guarantee.

In the PC version, each user’s play environment is different, for example, the support situation of the OS or graphics card or the market share is changing every day. Therefore, the review of the operating guarantee range in which the game is executed was carefully reviewed, and in accordance with the release, a check was made by utilizing the equipment within the limit available in-house.

Game play in a PC environment that meets the published operating environment is supported. However, depending on the player’s individual environment-anti-virus software settings, etc., the operation may be different. In the event of a problem, please refer to the planned response plan and web manual. If it is not resolved, please contact customer support.

● At last year’s TGA, a new video of SUNBREAK was released. Can you provide additional information regarding the new monsters that appeared in the video?

= The new monster that appeared in PV is a monster called ‘Bingrang Dragon Lunarron’, which appears for the first time in Sunbreak. However, what was shown in the video is not everything about this monster, and it drives the Hunter through unexpected actions, so please look forward to it.

It also appeared in the video, but in this work, the new base ‘El Gado’ becomes the stage for the story. ‘Elgado’ is the base of the characters who helped the hunters in a corner in the video, and it is also a place related to Rondine who appeared in Rise. What kind of story awaits in Elgado? Please look forward to the information to be released later.

● I am curious as to when the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will support updates.

= When the PC version of “Monster Hunter Rises” is released, the updated data Ver.3.6.1 distributed on the Nintendo Switch version will be the standard. In other words, starting with the Sonic Collaboration, we are planning to release it in the form of various event quests, etc.

In addition, we plan to synchronize the update with the Nintendo Switch version at the end of February 2022. There is no distribution of new event quests on the PC version from release to the timing, and event quests distributed on the existing Nintendo Switch are distributed at the same time as the update is implemented, and event quests distributed after that are distributed basically simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch. It is going to be in the form.

● When will additional information on Sunbreak be available?

= We are working hard to deliver new information around spring, so please wait patiently.

● Coming 13th. PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. And then to the sunbreak. Is there anything you would like to say to the players who are waiting for Monster Hunter?

= The entire development team is working hard with the goal of introducing more enjoyable content through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. We plan to prepare monsters that have been revived in the series, action elements, and new in-depth content, so please look forward to future information.



By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]